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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. echineko
    I totally agree with the last sentence, hence me voting with my money. AK gets none of it :p My problem is also with the fixed retail prices they have and the aggressive price controls (like the aborted sale not too long ago on MD)

    Edit: Though technically I'll have to take that back, I do have an Angie, after all. Got it on a really good sale, new, so that counts, right?

    I have the same set up except I have the original AK 120 and you are right, it's top of the line sound.
    Now if Chord would make a all in one DAP in a small form factor, it would be game over in my opinion. 

    Welcome Christina! I too work and live in our beautiful city of San Francisco. It has been a bit crazy due to the super bowl as you are well aware of.
    The K10s are very special. I have the K10 customs and must say that everything on them sounds very sweet.
    As I mentioned, welcome aboard and enjoy the ride!
  4. x RELIC x Contributor
    As for AK I bought Currawong's AK240 and to be honest I find its SQ to be a little over-hyped. It's SQ is good and the interface is amazing, but with the K10 or the Angie the Mojo SQ is better. I find the X5ii/ALO Rx combo better than the AK240 balanced but it's a different flavour. Battery life is also terrible on the AK240. Still, as a stand alone player its SQ does quite well.
  5. x RELIC x Contributor

    The SD accessory for the Mojo is their solution to a stand alone DAP.
  6. Watagump
    Even I would be interested in a DAP from Chord, but its going to have a UI that competes also.
  7. x RELIC x Contributor

    Yup, that's the big question. :wink:
  8. Watagump
    Using the 240 with a Mojo, IMHO is nucking futs. Use a Mojo for what is should be used for, taking a transport of average SQ and making it awesome.
  9. x RELIC x Contributor

    No, the AK240 on its own doesn't compete. I use the AK100 mk2 with the Mojo for the small stack size and dual slots.
  10. JACONE

    Thanks Relic!
    I'll have to check this out for sure. As I understand it, it's still not out but must admit I haven't been on the Mojo thread for some time.
  11. JACONE

    I agree! Imagine if Apple and Chord teamed up? 
  12. Watagump
    I am just saying dont take something as pricey as the 240 and use it with a Mojo. If anyone is head set on getting a 240, then just use it for what it is.
  13. Watagump
    I would be out. [​IMG]
  14. JimBob85
    It is wonderful how the K10s play across all sources. After a few days of listening with Chord Mojo, I had to switch back to directly to the iPhone 6S Plus when the Mojo battery died. I was surprised at how awesome the sound was straight out of the iphone playing spotify downloaded 320Kbps music. I remember switching previously from the iPhone to the Mojo and it did sound clearer, however switching back I am not so sure. Maybe just a different sound sig. coming out of the iPhone, fuller punchier bass. All I know is that the K10Us are pumping with every genre on the iPhone 6S PLUS! :)
  15. krismusic Contributor
    Welcome Christina. It's how this place works! ( not singling out Echineko).
    My advice is enjoy what you have.
    IME. Nothing will upgrade your enjoyment as much as the K10's have.
    Any differences between DAP's,DAC's and Amp's are small compared to differences between headphones.
    At least try to audition before you buy.
    Reviews on here rarely seem to take into account the excitement of a new purchase. Expectation bias, placebo and old fashioned vivid imagination!
    The only reason I would suggest changing a DAP that you like is to get something that will access a streaming service, with offline storage.
    The way to enjoy music in the 21st Century IMHO.
    Enjoy your music!

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