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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. animalsrush
    Question on balance tuning in k10..

    My setup uses TRRS connection to zx2. I tried an experiment with some interesting results and need your input.. If I move the balance slider to full left I hear the music much clearer than if the slider is moved all the way to the right. What I mean is right side seems bit veiled. I didn't expect this all things being equal both channels should sound the same. Is this wrong assumption. My guess how the album was recorded doesn't come into play when using the balance slider correct? any thoughts?
  2. bangkokkid
    Let's talk details.​
    5-3copy.jpg 5-4copy.jpg 5-2copy.jpg 5-5.jpg

    I just got my DHC SP for my K10s but have yet to put them on. I have the Jh16s and decided to try cable with those and the sound is amazing thus will use them with the 16s. Very detailed, clear, tight base, and awesome soundstage. I know what some are thinking that cables don't improve the sound but to my ears, it does. The DHC took 12 weeks to get but really happy with them. I will admit they are not cheap but what is one to do????
  4. hemtmaker

    I think in the case of universals where the IEMs could potentially stick out a bit due to non perfect fit, memory wire helps in getting a more secure fit. IMHO
  5. Whazzzup
    Thank you my bouts of sanity are not in vain. :etysmile:
  6. krismusic Contributor
    All I'll say is, anyone swayed by all this talk of cables, go and have a read in Sound Science.
  7. Whazzzup
    All I can say is go and test them. Or go read something that says don't. The facts are is it worth it? For the price I pay that finally found a cable company that matters sonically and quality wise. That is debatable and frankly at a cost per utility way, it's not, stick with stock. But I realize that I'm doing the thread no favours in a no win debate so carry on. I just started it stating that I have tried cables that didn't do it for me and those that did. Cheers.
  8. fiascogarcia
    I wouldn't think the actual recording has anything to do with it.  Only thing I could think to do would be to perform the same test on the zx2 with other phones or iems and see if you get the same result, then try using a different source.  Then you would at least narrow it down to iem, source, or your hearing.  Hate to say your hearing, but I have just the tiniest difference in my left and right hearing which makes the right channel sound a tiny bit more clear.  It generally doesn't make a noticeable difference to me unless the recording itself might play a instruments note that shifts from right to left or vice versa repetitively.
  9. Dexter Morgan

    Absolutely stunning. C'mon Powerball...
  10. Podster

    Gives new meaning to gear ear or maybe it's ear gear, either way they are sweet[​IMG]
  11. Whazzzup
    I like seeing internal workings, i have 846 transparent. this is very cool imaginary whatever. [​IMG]
  12. FullCircle
    You folks may want to read about the topic 
    "Right Ear advantage"
    and just like some folks are left hand dominant, there are some people that are left ear dominant as well.
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  13. Podster

    Not VanGogh[​IMG]
  14. Malevolent
    You're lucky, bro. Memory wire + my ears = frustration. I hate it when the memory wire starts moving about; I like it when cables stay flat at the back of my ears. With memory wire, it almost never does.
    But oh well, if it works for you, then it's all good, buddy! [​IMG]

    I know some people love them. And I also know people who hate them.
    I guess it's one of those like it or hate it kinda things. [​IMG] 
  15. Malevolent
    You know me, I'm in it just for the looks. And, no memory wires! [​IMG]
    But I'm not going to get into the whole cable science debate. I'm outta there! [​IMG] 

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