Noble Audio K10 SLA CIEM | Second owner purchased but never reshelled | Fees included
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Dec 10, 2015
Hey all! I purchased the Noble K10 SLA on here but never got it reshelled mostly due to not having time to get it done and partly due to laziness.
See here for the post I bought these from and where I copied the formatting from.
For Sale: Noble Audio Kaiser - K10 SLA CIEM
Condition: Like new, used less than 4 hours.
Contents Included: Everything that is shown in the picture.
Shipping: CONUS
Trades: Sorry, not interested in trades at this point in time.
Please note that you will have to pay for paypal and shipping fees.
PayPal and shipping fees are included in the price, shipping will be done by USPS and will be insured for the full value.
I can declare as a lower value if you request it but I don't recommend it in case something goes wrong.
Also note that these are custom in-ear monitors and you would need to reshell them to fit; do not think Noble Audio provides reshelling services for SLA units but third parties like inearz does provide the service. Heavily encourage prospective buyers to do their own research before purchase as there are no returns. 
Please also refer to Noble's warranty policy before purchase as well:
I plan on using the funds to buy either the ZMF Eikon or a suitable OTL amp to go with it.
I added a picture of the shells itself (I thought I included it but was obviously mistaken).

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