Noble Audio Holiday Giveaway! & Fire Relief

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  1. gerelmx1986
    Me too I am. Waiting for the message from wizard
  2. gerelmx1986
    I have always thought that noble makes very nice looking IEMs, more organic and seem to be pretty comfy, I can not imagine putting a campfire audio IEMs on my ears, these look too industrial and have many edges o. Them.

    Currently I won a set of Sony xba-z5 and I want to own another IEM of another brand f. E. Noble
  3. wormsdriver
    1. 125,643
    2. 121,333
    3. 124,769
  4. gslashg
    Any news on this giveaway contest? Winners? :ksc75smile:
  5. Alexdre119
    From my understanding, Noble is being affected by the California wild fires, so we might have to be a little patient with them as far as this contest.
  6. fuhransahis
    Good luck to Noble, then! Hope the damage isn't too bad, if any.
  7. Aerosphere
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  8. gerelmx1986
    Contest is over why continue posting guesses, it won't help you any way
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  9. Wiljen
    relax a bit - with Noble being out of contact the last few days, who's to say they wont extend or change the contest in some way? I'm sure everyone will get a fair shake.
  10. thejoker13
    Another thought is that maybe no one actually guessed it correctly. Are they just going to give it to the closest guess, I wonder?
  11. jadchan
  12. aussietanker

  13. dannyvstheworld
    This one is my favorite pair from the latest batch. So beautiful. Anyone who’s gonna have it is really lucky..
  14. Wiljen
    I sure hope the good folks at Noble and the surrounding community are all in good health. Seems likely that they have had to evacuate their normal facility due to the fires and thus the lack of communication, but I sure hope they were able to do so in a graceful manner ahead of any real danger. With the Gatlinburg fire still fresh on a lot of our minds in my area, the potential loss of life looms very large.
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  15. joeexp
    "Giveaway runs until 12:00 pm PST (GMT-8) Tuesday, December 19th"

    I think you can stop posting your numbers now!
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