No sound through SPDIF
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Jan 8, 2014
I got my SMSL SD 793II dac which can use coaxial or optical digital connections.
I decided to use optical and got my cable. It worked great in my other computer but not in this.
My motherboard is ASUS P5Q SE2 so I had to buy optical SPDIF bracket to it
There is red light in the cable so signal should be passing fine. But no sound if I choose SPDIF in sound options. 
If I select HDMI it works (but only as 16bit 48kb, my dac is 24bit 96). There is not any options. But HDMI should be wrong any way.
I have tried all SPDIF settings but no sound. But if I play something, it shows that sound is coming out (green bars).
And this is all without any drivers. If I install sound drivers from my motherboards site, it doesn't show SPDIF or HDMI or 
anything digital in sound options.
So this is most likely a driver problem? Im just checkin if im missing something. This might be wrong forum, but my confirmation email
to other site is not coming for some reason.
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Sep 1, 2011
The Asus P%Q SE2 motherboard comes with a S/PDIF coaxial output built into the motherboard , your trying to use a S/PDIF optical connector with it.
You might consider just getting an Asus Xonar DG (PCI) sound card, it is a low cost sound card with a 2-channel optical output port.
At Amazon for $27.98 and there is a $10 mail in rebate this month.

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