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No more forum or sub-forum subscriptions? Also, terrible "My List" search tools...

Discussion in 'Feedback & Bug Reports' started by faulk, May 6, 2010.
  1. Faulk
    One thing I used to rely on was my nightly emails of posts to the headphone and amplifier "for sale" sections. Now it seems I can subscribe only to threads instead of forums/sub-forums. I read through the FAQ and help sections, but there doesn't seem to be a way to subscribing to a sub-forum directly. Is this feature gone for good or am I just missing something?
    Also, when trying to add headphones to my new list, the search tool is ridiculous. I type in "Denon" and while the first result is for a denon product, not a single other one is listed. The rest are Sony, Philips, JBud, Apple, Koss, etc. Without an advanced search feature it becomes just useless clicks in order to get to the manual add tool. Will this list be refined or expanded as more "Head Gear" is added? Or, can the search algorithm be tweaked to better target the correct products?
    Those problem aside, I like it so far. I don't have an aversion to white space :).
  2. jude Administrator
    We don't currently have forum and sub-forum subscriptions.
    One thing we're working on for the next few months is coming out with a whole Buy/Sell/Trade system which will hopefully help expand the For Sale forums. Good to know, though, that you like seeing all the new threads coming in on a forum level.
    In terms of the search tool, we actually just re-ran the Head Gear DB index about half an hour after your post so things should be looking much better.  Optimizing the Head Gear section is one of my highest priorities here, and there's much to do there.
  3. Faulk
    Fair enough, just one more reason to check the site when I should be working (like right now [​IMG]). And I did another "Denon" search with lots more results thanks!
    A new B/S/T system sounds very interesting! I'm psyched to check that out.
    And congratulations on the new forum, I'm enjoying exploring the new features. I do application development for a living so I know how much work must have gone in to migrating over to the new system. So far, things seem to have gone very well!

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