No money and no knowledge. Looking for the best pair of natural sounding cans under 70 bucks
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Oct 18, 2015
Hi fellas. Let me start of by mentioning that I'm a fairly inexperienced and ignorant person in the pro audio field. Lately I've decided to buy myself a pair of headphones for general use with my limited budget, only to be confused and riddled with many different options after a quick online research.
My budget is around 60-70 bucks and I listen to a bit of everything. Majorly Classical, folk, jazz and some rock/pop. I also will be using the headphones to watch movies. My preferred sound is generally a natural and balanced (preferably with a decent sound stage). And I'll be listening in public from time to time too so a fair amount of isolation would be nice.
During my research I've come along these headphones:

  1. Audio Technica ATH-M30x
  2. AKG K-77
  3. JVC HA-RX700
  4. Panasonic RP-HTX7A
  5. JVC HA-RX500
  6. Sennheiser HD 429
  7. Sony MDR XB400
  8. Sennheiser HD 202
  9. Superlux HD-681
  10. Superlux HD-668 B
  11. Creative Aurvana Live
  12. Sennheiser HD 439
  13. AKG K-99

What do you guys think? Any opinions will be very much appreciated.
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Hey did you get an answer from a different source? I was looking at the  Sony MDR-XB400 for their plush ear cushions, bass heavy sounds and reasonable price tag. Do let me know which one you pick and why.
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If there's a chance you can increase your budget to around 90 - I recommend the Trinity Delta in-ears, which are currently on sale.
You won't be dissapointed (I also recommend reading some reviews of them, both here and other places around the web).
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The M30x is excellent for the price. It's on my head right now. I've owned high-end headphones and auditioned ultra-high-end headphones. Don't expect it to compete with them, of course. The M30x is somewhat natural-sounding. It is "tuned for enhanced detail", meaning basically that some of the upper frequencies are emphasized. Fortunately, this is done tastefully. It's not painfully bright or anything, like many headphones can be. The extra detail can be fascinating with some tracks. It's reasonably comfortable. The cable is nondetachable, which can be a potential downside.
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Fellas after narrowing my choices down to the CAL! and HD 439 I finally decided to buy the HD 439. I must say I'm pretty satisfied and I like the balanced, honest sound. Off course it's nothing extraordinary but at this price I wouldn't expect any headphone to be. Pretty good sound stage for a closed back too, specially at this price range. And to frost the cake, they're very comfortable + detachable cable. Overall a very decent pair of headphones, definitely one of the best in the price range.

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