No longer receiving any site e-mails?
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Apr 15, 2009
A while back I just stopped receiving all e-mail notifications from the site. I didn't change anything... it just stopped. They're not in my junk folder or anything like that. Is there some way I can fix this?  I keep forgetting to come to the site to check the forums because I'm so used to getting daily notifications about updated threads.
Thanks in advance for any assistance...
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Rinoue - The tech team noted that your default subscription setting is set to "site only (no email)" for any new subscriptions, but for existing subscriptions to threads, it is set on "Immediate." If you could subscribe to an active thread and see if you start to get emails, that would be helpful to the tech team in sorting this issue out.
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Sarah - You should start receiving emails going forward. Let me know if you do not start receiving them for new notifications.

Haven't received any yet, but this thread would have been the only one I received since your post...
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I got one! Thanks for fixing whatever you fixed :)

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