No Longer For Sale: iFi USB iPurifier 2 - Type A

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    Just bought it earlier this week and am selling it already only because once I received this I realized I got the wrong connector type for my needs. D'oh!

    It works well but for my needs requires that I use it between 2 USB cables. Not ideal of course.

    If you're looking for one of these, you probably know that these things are very much a legitimate product, not snake oil. Look them up if you're unfamiliar.

    This has a female USB-B connector and a female USB-A connector. I believe it would work best for someone using a USB dongle type DAC such as the Dragonfly, or something like HiFiMeDIY's lower cost DACs with the hardwired USB-A cable. It works correctly in either direction according to this iFi employee

    Its in nice condition overall; although it does have a bit of a ding on the corner above the B connector, but the paint is not scratched or chipped off.

    Ground shipping to lower 48 states included in asking price.

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  2. pinkfloyd4ever
    Just realized my pics weren't showing up...




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  6. JKDJedi
    And the pics??? Still cant see them..
  7. pinkfloyd4ever
    Idk what's wrong with the pictures. They're showing up fine for me.

    Anyway, I've decided to keep this for now

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