no joke...which has more bass, akg 545 or apple ear buds?
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Jun 16, 2013
wondering if the new akg 545 headphones would have at least as much or more bass than the simple little ear buds that you are supplied with when you buy an ipod? because i had the akg k550 and they had no bass, i swear my little apple ear buds had more bass. and for those of you reading this that are familiar with akg, i believe there is no "k" in front of the 545 like there is on the k550, its just 545. i was told there was a bump in bass on the 545 from the k550, just wondering how much. thanks, john
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Not all headphones are made equal in how much bass they have.  Nor are they meant to.
If 545 isn't good enough for you, you should go with a T50p, HD25-1, or VModa M80. (all three in one picture, haha)
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i did not see a t50p on beyerdynamics site.i did however see a t51p for  like $289. would that be a good one? maybe the t51p is just a newer model of the t50p? back to the akg, wondering if the 545 has good bass as compared with an apple ear bud so i have an idea of wether even to buy the thing at all and before i try the beyerdynamics.
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Oh wow, I did not know about T51p.  It might be using different drivers as its impedance is nearly twice that of T50p.
It might be very similar as the CNet reviewer says that it is quite bassy as well.

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