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May 15, 2009
OK, I love the sound my Auzentech X-plosion card gives me through my Swans D1010MKII, but I got a pair of Audio-technica ATH-AD700 and I don't have a front-panel header...

What is the best $50 or less option to be able to use both my Swans and the AD700s without crawling under my desk to swap the cable?
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Is this the version you have? Auzentech, Inc. Sound Cards. Audio You Can Believe In. World First soundcards for Music, HTPC, and Gaming.

I hear the home cinema version is gonna rock! But it looks like at the rear of the card is a couple sets of pins, one looks like it might be an AC-97 FP header connection, kind of tough judging by their provided photos....though the features list mentions nothing about FP connectivity. That's a real bummer.

Really the cheapest option would be a splitter, which I'm sure is not highly looked upon here, and I'm sure for good reason, but maybe you could make a quality 3.5mm splitter out of better cables. I still use the 5.1 splitters from my HPA2's, they're actually pretty damn good in compairson to the cheap junk I used to have. That way I don't lose my Logitech X-230's or my headphones...though I rarely use my speakers anymore due to the place I live. Not saying that's your best option, but it'll at least get you started well under max budget. Sometimes you gotta lose somewhere for conveniece. Cheers.
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Thank you. That is the sound card I have... Havn't upgraded the opamps yet as I like what I am hearing alot better than my old X-fi XtremeGamer. I was wanting to avoid a splitter, but I guess it is just a stop-gap until I can get a head-amp with a line out.

Markertek here I come.

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