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Aug 29, 2007
*****Alright guys, prices lowered on remaining items! Get it while the gettins good!*****
Time to sell off some kit. Unfortunately I just don’t have enough room for this gear, and all my additional gear that’s on the way.
Prices are not very flexible. I’ve been around a while and know what things are going for. These items are already sold at quite a discount, so please don’t expect me to go any lower than they already are. Most of these items are in absolutely perfect condition unless otherwise noted. Paypal gifted or add 4%. I’ll pay half the shipping costs. (Aka, if it’s a large USPS express box, you will pay 5 bucks, and I’ll pay the other 5.) CONUS only. If i bought anything for the item your purchasing, (such as USB Cords) they will be included for free.
Meta 42 with Thread PSU: $125
Perfect condition. This amp was made by a member in Germany, and as such I had to replace the mains cable. I did a quick job (electrical tape) just to check it out. I would suggest doing a better job when you use it. You just need the end off of a powercord, or use it as it is. It’s a gorgeous little amp, and sounds fantastic. I couldn’t believe that this was a DIY amp.
HifiMan EF5 with Tung-Sol 12AX7 Tube: Perfect condition. $280
Great sounding amp. Able to push 2w to drive those orthos, but also sounded great on all my dynamic cans.
Sen 650’s. Perfect condition. $300
Mr. Speakers Mad Dogs with Dog Pads and Comfort Strap. Perfect condition. $240
STAX Lambda with srm-1 driver. $550
Kills me to sell these. They are absolutely great cans. They were what switched me over to the dark side. Just don’t have the room. Remember, these are old cans. But they are still in very good condition. Some normal wear on the band and ear pads, but otherwise perfect. The original foam inside the grills was falling apart, so I ordered replacements from STAX and fixed it. (cost 40 bucks for the foam.) Also comes with the cover. (25 bucks) Stand not included. (See below for it)
Spitfire MKII Dac with Supplier PSU: $190 Perfect Condition. Fantastic little Dac.
TeraDak 26D: Perfect condition: $150
Great NOS dac. I really loved this unit for the price you pay. Very organic sounding.
Gamma 2 w Sigma 25 PSU: $270
Really a great little Unit. Capable of balanced XLR connections. I cut them off to save room, but you could easily reattatch them if you wanted. Great condition, has a few nicks on the metal, but nothing to write home about. Please inquire if you want closer pictures because you have concerns. All top end components.
Audio-GD Digital Interface + PSU (DI-DSP) with Clock Upgrade. $130 Perfect Condition.
Cables and other:
Blue Jeans cables:
LC-1 Stereo at 1 foot. 15$ White
LC-1 Stereo at 3 foot. 20$ White
1505F Stereo at 3 foot. 25$ Black
1694a Digital Audio Cable (Coax) at 6 feet. RCA to RCA $10
From left to right.
Alluminum Stand : $40
Custom Made 12" headphone stand. Oak and Walnut and treated with walnut oil.. $50
Custom Made 12" headphone stand with square nails for cord wraping. African Wenge with an oak core. Treated with walnut oil.  $70
That's it!

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