NLFL: Ultrasone Pro2500s, Vintage Koss HV/XLC Headphones - NYC/USA
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Jul 14, 2010
I am new here but you can look me up on ebay and gearslutz. I have done 11 transactions through gearslutz (screen name kesslerjesus) and also more on ebay (screen name kesslerardon). These items will ship to anywhere within the USA, include paypal fees and a tracking number.
Ultrasone Pro2500 headphones - $160 Free Shipping - These were used, but are in good condition. The set includes one coiled cable (never used), one 1/4 to 1/8 adapter, and one new set of ear pads (no funky smells, they are new). The pictures show the headphones and any flaws. I tried to catch the two small scratches that they have on the shiny parts, but it is difficult to see them in the pictures because they are small.

These headphones are great for anyone looking for neutral sounding headphones. I used these mainly for mixing at night. Combine them with a good amp or DAC and you're set! Own some high end headphones at a fraction of their regular price, These include a black carrying bag and sample CD as shown in the pictures.
Vintage KOSS HV/XLC Headphones - $40 Free Shipping - I took good care of these. They have volume controls on the sides, and the only flaw is that one side is missing the logo that came off, but that was due to the age of the glue. They look great, I put new pads on them, but they don't do them justice. Some 5 dollar sony mdr-v700 replacement pads will make them sound even better (ebay sells them). The pictures show that these were really cool for their time, using an ultrasone-like pad adjustment system to remove old pads, replace them and just lock them back in with a slight twist to the right.

These headphones require a good amp. I can describe their sound as having decent mids, extended bass, and laid back highs. These won't compete with ath m50s or beyerdynamics, but deff look cool and would make a good addition to any collection. P.S. They do not smell funky, and the leather head band is in perfect condition, along with the metal frame.


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