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Nintendo Switch

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by bluedolphin, Jan 10, 2018.
  1. annasoh323
    I'm not too familiar with Octopath Traveler. What's that one about?

    How do you like the Massdrop Plus? I'm holding off on buying more IEMs until I can afford a custom set (ambitious, I know). I'm more or less happy with my Thinksound MS02 and Blue Ever Blue 1200EX (both from Massdrop Blue Boxes actually) and have sunk too much other moneys into full-size. Have to be more disciplined... Earphones seem like the perfect pair to the Switch in street mode, for sure. Could probably fit a small pair in the Switch travel case.

    Re: BOTW music, I do kind of miss some of the more expansive orchestral music numbers of something like Twilight Princess. The Zelda-verse has some of the most iconic video game music and there are times when the more muted overworld themes of BOTW leave me wanting. Just some times. The quiet piano notes do match perfectly with the wind rustling through the trees in Hyrule Field or the Akkala Ridge (as long as a Guardian or Lynel isn't chasing you).
  2. TranquilWyvern
    Octopath Traveler is a turn-based RPG with heavy inspiration from the old-school Final Fantasies. I like it a lot so far, but I havent got too far into it.

    I love my Plus. It's a great IEM. Took a while for me to find tips that I like, but now that I have them, they feel great. I'm not too technical with sound, but really enjoy the mids on them. They're very detailed too, so I feel very immersed in my gaming.

    I understand wanting a cIEM. My Massdrop Plus have made me a lot more interested in cIEMs, but I think I want the Andromedas first. The soundstage and treble have been really appealing. I've wanted some full-sized before, but IEMs have really caught my attention as of late.

    I never played the Wii era games, but I did miss the catchy-ness of the music of Windwaker, OoT, and the older games. Hyrule Castle Interior in BOTW is really great btw. Just an amazing piece of music.
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  3. Keisuk3
    Trying to justify buying a switch soon
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  4. Regnum
    Anyone else get weird feedback when using iems on their switch?
  5. annasoh323
    What does that interference sound like? Are you using the dock?

    I've been getting some weird sounds with my setup (bear with me). I have a two-input headphone amp. Great stuff: I can plug my computer into one input and something else (in this case, my docked Switch) into the other. With both inputs plugged in and turned on, I get an intermittent "fluttering" noise. I suspected it was an odd grounding issue which would be a bit odd: the Switch dock, computer (with associated USB DAC), and head amp are all plugged into the same UPS. When I had both sources plugged in, fluttering on, then undocked the Switch, the fluttering was gone. When using the Switch by itself, nothing. When listening straight from the docked Switch, nothing. Just that odd combination of factors.

    I think we may be able to learn from each other here... Please let us know what your setup is.
  6. Regnum
    It's just plugging in either of my CA iems into the switch headphone jack itself. Guess they're just extremely sensitive since if i plug just any other headphone in they don't pick up the same feedback. I have heard some usb dac/amps work with the switch via usb so might go that route.
  7. annasoh323
    Huh, that's cool that USB DACs may work. I'll look into that (unless anyone here has any info on that).

    The 'phones I've tried directly from the Switch jack without issue are AKG K7XX, Bose QC25, and Sennheiser HD 58X. I might've tried my IEMs (Blue Ever Blue 1200EX and Thinksound ms02) as well but can't recall every hearing interference with them. Not the most sensitive 'phones though.
  8. Deftone
    Nothing to justify, it’s been by my side since launch. Absolute favourite console, perfect companion to my high end pc.
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  9. miceblue
    I'm not sure if it's relatable, but if I have the Switch plugged in to the dock, HDMI cable into my computer monitor (since I don't own a TV), and use a 3.5 mm to RCA cable from the Switch to my STAX SRM-353x, I hear a ton of noise. Strangely, if I unplug the HDMI cable from the dock, the noise instantly goes away and audio sounds normal. When the HDMI cable was plugged in, the noise I heard from my headphones was related to what information was shown on the display. Busier scenes in Smash Ultimate would have more noise than a loading screen, for example.

    I got around this by having the 3.5 mm to RCA cable come from my computer monitor instead. The ideal setup would be to have the dock connected to my USB DAC, but alas it's not a compatible DAC.
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  10. annasoh323
    Sorry, I had to wipe the tea off of my computer monitor after reading that you are playing your Switch audio through your Stax. The juxtaposition of mainstream console and $1000 electrostat system caught me offguard. Well done!

    I've not tried unplugging the HDMI from the dock. I will give it a shot when I get home. I, too, am going to my computer monitor. I feel like I have a somewhat opposite observation related to information on screen. I think what is for me is that my noise is a static level and so during loading screens and quiet moments, I notice the sound because it's not being drowned out by other sounds. Loud scenes drown out the noise. I have no way of confirming that though.

    I did also connect my own 3.5 to RCA cable to the monitor to make use of USB audio vs headphone jack on Switch and the nature of the noise changes from what I described earlier to something more like an erratic electronic buzz. It's quieter, so I roll with the monitor audio more often than not but it's still an annoyance.That noise also goes away when I disco my audio interface (Behringer) from my amp's other input (selectable on a switch on the front of the amp).

    Thinking it out further... I could try to run the Switch to the inputs of my audio interface and then treat the connection to the amp as a monitor out. That'd require silly use of a 3.5mm TRS stereo jack to twin TS 1/4" or twin XLR plugs. I'm not sure how much deeper this rabbit hole goes... USB DAC out of the Switch dock would be lovely but I'm not 100% convinced it would help unless you could power it from a seperate hub (i.e. perhaps Switch dock has dirty power causing interference noise).
  11. Mephit
    I will add a +1 to what Deftone said. The Switch is a perfect companion for a PC. The biggest thing is that it is portable, letting you play your games were every you go. Also, getting to play Zelda is worth the price of a Switch as well.
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