Nintendo Switch USB audio quality

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by inspectah_deck, Nov 12, 2017.
  1. inspectah_deck
    So Nintendo added USB audio output to the Switch with FW 4.0.0.
    It works both docked and undocked with my Schiit Fulla 2.

    I just wonder what the actual sound output is?
    Is it lossless, is it lossy?
    It sounds a bit thin, with Fulla 2/Fidelio X2 but that could also be because Nintendo hystorically uses 32khz for their audiofiles.

    Has anyone actually measured the output or can point me to a windows tool that can do it?
    I tried with Audacitys USB recording feature, but it doesn't recognize the Switch/the Switch doesn't activate USB audio.
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  2. inspectah_deck
    Half a year later, has anybody looked into the matter or has a link?

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