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NiceHCK - where did it go?

  1. Wiljen
    I can't find the thread for this that I was posting in earlier today or yesterday. Did it get deleted by accident? on purpose? or I am just missing it somewhere where it got moved?
  2. darmanastartes
    It's gone for me too.
  3. Ahmad313
    So this is " unmentionable " part 2 or what ,???
  4. Wiljen
    No telling - I've heard nothing other than the few responses here. I would have thought if there was a problem, management would have posted something explaining that and asking us not to create new threads on the topic at least as it seems a bad choice to ban something and then not tell the members so they have to guess at it. I am assuming it was an accidental deletion or they had to recover from a backup or something and maybe still a work in progress since we aren't getting any feedback at this point.
    Ahmad313 likes this.
  5. cqtek
    I just hope it won't be a problem for anyone. It was just another thread dedicated to a brand of audio products.
  6. silverfishla
    That thread had a lot of good information in it. Need to know why it was deleted. Admins, can you chime in?
    A lot of us here buy the latest Chinese stuff, and that thread was very valuable.

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