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NiceHCK Thread. Discussions for NiceHCK products

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  1. Dsnuts Contributor
    This thread will be dedicated to NiceHCK products the first of which will be the M6 earphones.

    Due to the earphones being able to change in resolution with cables. Please post pics of cables used and sonic changes.

    Also Jim @ NiceHCK has reached out to me and wanted to let the headfi collective know. If your interested in ordering a pair here Use the code head-fier on check out. Use other way of payment when checking out and you will receive a nice $25 discount. Wait for NiceHCK to change your payment from $125 to $99 and you will get the discount.

    My review on them can be read here
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  2. Dsnuts Contributor

    I am currently using this cheaper $20 cables you can buy on NiceHCK web site among others. It is an 8 core SPC cable and while the cable is not as nice as some of my others it brings out clarity and better resolution across the sound. My little combo here using my newly acquired Pioneer XDP-30r is outstanding little portable rig.

    Stock cable if you guys haven't read my review. Definitely not the best for these earphones. Use that $25 money saved and also order another cable to go with this. You will see what I mean once you get the M6 and new cable to go along with it.
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  3. trellus
    Does NiceHCK have any presence here on Head Fi? I’ve contacted them on AliExpress about an order three times in the last 24 hours about an order and I’ve received no response, which strikes me as strange given their good reputation from my Head Fi friends. :frowning2:
  4. HungryPanda
    Great idea for a thread
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  5. Dsnuts Contributor
    They will get to you. Jim is the PR guy and from how I understand it he chats with everyone that asks anything about NiceHCK stuff. Have some patients and he should get back to you. was it regarding an order?
  6. trellus
    Yes, on Monday I received my eagerly anticipated order purportedly with the 11.11 mystery IEM, a PHB EM-023, and the D4... but when I opened the box I realized I had a recieved a box of cheap watches. :joy:

    Nothing from the order. Upon closer inspection I saw that underneath the outer label with my name on it was a label underneath with someone else’s name on it, an entirely different tracking number, and an AliExpress notation with the date 2018-11-13.

    It seems that AliExpress Standard Shipping screwed up, not NiceHCK, and likely the guy who ordered the watches ended up with my earphones.

    It took Jim over 24 hours to respond which worried me (I had an issue with another AliExpress order and that seller responded within a few hours and resolved it), but he did respond and apologized for the delay and we are working through the process to get my items again. :L3000:
  7. Dsnuts Contributor
    Jim is watching. Lol.

    Jim NiceHCK
    18/12/05 02:22

    Jim NiceHCK
    18/12/05 02:22
    If the buyer message is in weekend,we only can reply at Monday...

    Jim NiceHCK
    18/12/05 02:20
    You can tell him to contact me,i am sorry
    Original photo[​IMG]
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  8. trellus
    Jim was very gracious in his response, I can see why he is well liked! :)
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  9. Victorfabius
    As mentioned by @Dsnuts NiceHCK M6 code brings the cost down with the method he described.

    M6 looks like a BGVP DMG competitor and it will be an interesting one to hear.

    My favorite NiceHCK product is the HK6. Excellent work for the price and well worth it at <$200.

    The only other NiceHCK IEM I've listened to came courtesy of Dsnuts, the NK10. I've been using it for audiobooks mostly, but from time to time I'll stream Tidal. A bit lacking in the upper treble, but bass is decent and the mids have exceptional clarity. It's very good for vocals. Lacks some of the air of the HK6, but I would say it has equal the soundstage, and I can't remember the bass enough on the HK6 to say how it compares.
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  10. silverfishla
    I'm listening to the NiceHCK EP10 now and kinda love it. So comfortable and good sounding. I think that they put a really competent driver in there, energetic, bass competent, well-rounded. Doesn't feel like it's pushing near it's limit. Great metal build quality in an interesting form factor. This one is a winner for me and is $20. $20 people! Worth it for the comfort alone, luckily it sounds great and is built way past what I would expect for the money. Do I sound like an advertisement? I just like them. I don't think I've seen these shells anywhere else (form factor yes, but not these exact shells).
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  11. Dsnuts Contributor
    Ya so the tricky thing is when you are checking out with the item you want to buy. If you look at the bottom of the page there is a
    • WebMoney
    • Wire Transfer
    • Other payment methods
    Click on the other payments methods. And put in the code Head-fier. DO NOT COMFIRM and pay. Wait till NiceHCK adjusts payment for you to $99 and then you can pay. It is a weird process but it works. You will know if you did it right when you get an order number and can see the order on the order tab. It will say pay now next to the item but do not pay untill NiceHCK adjusts your item.

    Last edited: Dec 5, 2018 at 2:12 PM
  12. cqtek
    Totally agree with this thread. Personally I think that Jim is the hardest-working man on AE, always has a good word for me.

    So here's my news from his store for the end of the year:

    EZAudio D4:


    NiceHCK EP10:


    And, of course, the awesome NiceHCK M6, without a doubt these IEMs that I like the most of all the ones I own. They may be better or worse than others, but their profile fits my wishes. When I wear them all I think about is listening to music, finally! not looking for improvements in sound.

    Last edited: Dec 5, 2018 at 2:47 PM
  13. Zerohour88
    While most will focus on their IEM offerings, recently got the NiceHCK EBX for 11.11

    brilliant earbuds for the money, and very swift purchase+shipping from them too, despite it being the hectic 11.11 sale period (also solved a few of my inquiries regarding some payment shenanigans)

    I'd put most of the issue with them (NiceHCK) down to misunderstandings and mistranslations, to be honest.
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  14. Otto Motor
    I didn't expect that this thread was accepted so well - great. But I don't know is anything about NiceHCK. The are not like, let's say, Knowledge Zenith who design their own earphones. But they are also not just a seller. As it looks they dabble in OEM and ODM...which means, let's say, the EP10 and m6 are likely not produced by the same manufacturer. But who does their R&D?

    All NiceHCK products I have tested sounded good and were built well - and packaged. And all their earphones come in a case.

    Last edited: Dec 5, 2018 at 11:22 PM
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  15. cqtek
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