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Nice in ear headphones less than $75

  1. lifeisbeautiful
    Hi all- I'm looking for nice in ear headphones less than $75 (US).
    These are my requirements:
    1. Will be used 25% of the time while running. (So, nice fit is important).
    2. Should *not* be boomy. I would like it clear and detailed across the lows/mids/highs.
    I mostly listen to music that uses a lot of string instruments. Most of my collection in
    iPod is ripped at a pretty high sampling rate. 
    I considered Klipsch image S4. But folks have concern about the durability. And some feel
    it has too much bass.
  2. calipilot227
    You're probably going to see this a lot... RE0!!! [​IMG] Microphonics might be an issue though
  3. Trysaeder
    IEMs for running is a bad idea. You'll get heaps of bone conduction and the earphone 'moving up and down' in your ear. 
  4. rroseperry
    Definitely think about the RE0s. They meet your criteria and are a great bargain for very good phones.
    @james7266, that link goes to a site that's seems to have spam/phishing issues.  Also exactly which headphones did you buy there?
  5. Trysaeder
    Generic advertising message.
  6. lifeisbeautiful
    Are there any other recommendations as well?
    Is it worth waiting for the Ultimate Ears 500? 
    Any Shure's that I should consider in this price range?
    Klipsch image S4 durability/build issues?
  7. Guidostrunk



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