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Nice bass under $50 ??

  1. slapshot30
    Looking for some nice earphones to go with some headphones I just got. I listen to a lot of trance/hip hop so I like some nice bass but not to the point of losing clarity. Amazon seems to have the best prices and the sennheiser earphones are said to have great bass. Any suggestions around $50 ?
  2. sari0n
    Amazon doesn't usually have killer prices for headphones and the ~$50 Sennheiser earphones are iffy to say the least.  Some are certainly bassy but a lot of them are very bloated and definitely not clear.
    Monster turbines would probably be good for you although they might be a little bit more than $50 depending on the condition and if they're on sale.  You could also always look in the classifieds section.
    Meelec headphones are also always fairly bassy and are pretty well regarded.  Their prices can get very very low during sales.
    UE super.fi 5's and super.fi 5 EB's have plenty of bass.
    Klispch image s4's also have plenty of bass and can occasionally be bought for around $50 when they're on sale.
  3. mootookang
    If you can add $10, you can buy brainvawz M2 on Amazon. They're not exactly bass monsters, but they do have plenty of bass.
  4. slapshot30
    Okay thanks to both of you, I took a look at all of those and based on looks and the reviews of overall quality, it's between any of the MeElectronics or the Klipsche image s4. The Klipsch ones are a bit more costy, the lowest price I can find is around $70. Can anyone point me to where I can find them for less?
  5. buffalowings


    X2...with the right tips, they can really become bass monsters IMO
  6. slapshot30
    Maybe if I can find some for a bit cheaper, but I found some MeElectronics m11 ones that are supposed to be around $70 but are on amazon at around $30 in the color red. Red wouldn't be my top choice for color but that seems like a steal.

    EDIT: Eh, scratch that. Found some sites saying the bass is underwhelming.

  7. buffalowings


    m11's aren't that great sound wise...m2's beat them out easily
  8. slapshot30
    Okay I did some more looking and those brainwavz m2's seem to be the best bet. Is $60 on amazon going to be my best bet? Do they sound alright coming straight out of an ipod?
  9. buffalowings


    they are easily powered by a Ipod, $60 is the best, unless you can find it used, also, now that it ships within the US, shipping downtime has been greatly reduced
  10. desolateplanet
    s4 off ebay!
  11. slapshot30
    Okay sounds good. One more thing, do they stay in very well? I might work out with them every once in a while.
  12. slapshot30
    I was planning on getting on those instead... but I can't find a very low price. Ebay just seems too sketchy for me, I don't know how to tell legit deals from bogus ones. Could you post a link to one that looks reliable around $50 to $60?


  13. sari0n
    I don't think that there are fake s4's so really any of the auctions should be fine.  
    I just did a quick search and some of the lower priced ones are "seller refurbished" or something like that.  It might be a good idea to stay away from those, just get one that says new.  Most of them do offer a warranty though.
  14. slapshot30
    Okay thanks. Any more thought on the Klipsch image s4 vs. Brainwavz m2? I've read the overall SQ is better with the s4 but that makes sense due to the increased price. I also read the bass can be lacking with the s4 though which is no good with the hip hop I listen to.

  15. Shawn8864

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