Nice amp for Sleek SA6
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Nov 17, 2008
Hi everyone,

I have already asked this question on the Sleek dedicated page but figured out I would get more responses from you, amps specialists (or should I dare to say, sorcerers)!

I currently have a pair SA6, which I enjoy unamped on an iPod Classic (120Gb). It seems that the SA6 benefit quite well from being amped. I therefore have ordered a Fiio E5 just to see if it makes any difference - should arrive hopefully next week.

I guess the E5 would only be a temporary solution before getting something a bit more refined, unless you tell me it's not worth it. I have not really thought of a budget but would like to stay within the $100-$200 range (including LOD = even better). I would ideally like the bass + soundstage to be improved. A bit more clarity would also be nice. I do not really mind if the amp is not the smallest one in the world as I intent to use it mainly at home.

Can you kindly throw any suggestions?

Many, many thanks

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I have the hornet m from ray samuels running my sa6's and they sound fantastic amped spend some $ and get any amp from him and you will not regret it.
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Thanks for the suggestion - unfortunately a slight bit expensive unless I can convince myself that an amp is an absolute must have! :) What areas of the sound you get from your SA6 improve with the Hornet?
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Every area of sound is improved, much tighter bass and cleaner crisper highs and the mid range sounds amazing, overall makes listening much less fatiguing because you don't have to turn up the volume loud to get the details out of the music I hear things I have never heard before with this combo.

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