NI Audio Kontrol 1 & What Cheap Monitors? (Please Help Tonight!)
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May 1, 2006
Hi there,

I have an NI Audio Kontrol 1 that does a pretty good job with the Darth Beyers. Having just moved across country, I had to leave the big stuff, and now I don't have speakers to listen to. I got my Beatles Remasters a couple days early and though I am enjoying them (thoroughly) on the headphones, I really need some monitors now...

The outputs on the NI Audio Kontrol 1 are 1/4" TRS.

So, I found a place that is liquidating their inventory and they happen to have the Audioengine 2 pair that they will give me for $119. Not a bad discount at all. But the inputs are minijack/RCA and The Audio Kontrol is putting out only one channel per output (so output 1 and 2 are needed for stereo), except for the headphone jack of course. So, even if I get a TRS to RCA cable, wouldn't I HAVE to use the headphone jack to output to the speakers? I could switch the cable for the particular situation, and I guess I can live with that.

BUT... although I've read good things on the Audioengine 2, and it is a good price, should I be buying something else for my setup?

$200 is my max (though I MAY spring for KRK Rokit Powered 5 Generation 2 which would be $300 if I went to the store and bought them). I have to buy something tomorrow, as I am unemployed, my birthday was three days ago, the family is away till sunday, and if I want longer I will get tons of flack for buying them. But no one is here and I can blame it on the B-day.

So please help!!!

Thanks very much.

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