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NFB-5 or NuForce Icon HDP

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by onylink, Nov 27, 2011.
  1. OnyLink
    I have AKG K702's and was curious which would be better the NFB-5 or the NuForce Icon HDP.
  2. priest Contributor
    I can't help, but you might want to try posting in the amp forum. Welcome to Head-Fi.
  3. Gwarmi
    No contest ~ The NFB-5 by no small margin wins over the Nuforce for the amp section.
    Both will do 24/96 over USB, both are capable of 24/192 if you have such material over coaxial.
    Nuforce Icon HDP
    Headphone power spec:
    1. 288mW rms @ 30 Ohm
    2. 210mW rms @ 120 Ohm
    3. 152mW rms @ 300 Ohm
    4. 123mW rms @ 500 Ohm
    5. 96mW rms @ 600 Ohm
    6. 59mW rms @ 1200 Ohm
    7. 43mW rms @ 1700 Ohm
    8. 35mW rms @ 2000 Ohm





    Output power
    Only for headphone.

    3500mW/25 ohm 
    1800mW/50 ohm
    900mW/100 ohm
    300mW/300 ohm
    150mW/600 ohm



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