NFB-11 vs R2R-11

  1. YJX94
    I know, it's probably been asked a million times.

    But which one do you guys think would be a better buy? they're both practically the same price and do the same things aside from one being DS and the other being R2R and that's what makes it difficult to choose.

    Which one do you guys think just simply sounds better to you?
  2. Monsterzero
    It is a matter of preference.I own the R2R-11,and other than the popping noise it is fine if you like warm sounding DACs.
    It also drives my AD2000s very well,something that a Mojo nor the MU2 could do well at all....On the other hand I find it to be a poor match for my Atticus(too warm,not enough power)and my hard to drive headphones(not enough juice)

    The popping is quite soft and only happens when a bitrate change happens,but after I added the Schiit Eitr it seemed to make the pop louder.

  3. jimbop54
  4. YJX94
    I've heard that the R2R-11 is warmer sounding than the NFB-11 and that it's an almost tubey sounding solid state, I do like warm but not so much that other frequencies suffer.

    How much warmer than neutral would you say the R2R-11 is?

    I'm thinking it'll be a better match for my K712 than the NFB-11 judging by what people say.
  5. Monsterzero
    Anytime you run a DAC that is tilted away from neutral youre going to hear some sacrifices on one end or the other....A lot of that depends on what HPs you plan on using with it.If you have a bunch of bright HPs it prolly will be an excellent choice,whereas an already warm HP can get too gooey at times.

    RE: your K712...As I singled out above I really like it with my ATH AD2000,which is an extremely fast,bright-ish HP,so I would assume that you would have similar results with your AKG.
  6. YJX94
    I see. Well the K712 isn't a bass monster and isn't a warm-centric headphone since it has a rather neutral bass response, it's actually more mid-forward and bright without being sibilant and sounding fatiguing to my ears. The bass however is really high quality and very nicely textured.
  7. Monsterzero
    Yes,I used to own the K7xx,so I have a general idea of the sound,though not at the same time as my R2R-11...
  8. YJX94
    Hmm I guess I'll look into the R2R-11 more then and read that long thread about it. I'm one of those buyers who likes to extensively research and find out about my products before buying them.
  9. Renato Fury
    I am in the same dilemma, I do not know if you remember but we already had this conversation in this respect a few months ago and from what I remember you said that it is the function of the headphone was to offer the heat and the amplifier to amplify the signal, I talked with Kingwa to ask for this advice and he recommended me the NFB 11.28 since my favorite genre is EDM because he is faster than R2R 11, and now I'm more inclined to buy it although I still want to take some doubts, so my advice is, email the manufacturer and ask which one will suit you best based on your favorite genres.

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