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Nexus 5x and 6p sound quality

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by visanj, Oct 19, 2015.
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  1. Fredrik23

    Thank you, I wasn't aware of that :)
  2. Roscoeiii
    Take a look at the LG V10 phone with the ESS DAC. Wow, what a great phone, with SD card and removable battery. But just on sound quality alone, folks are saying that a DAP becomes unnecessary. Super to see a manufacturer prioritizing sound, even if they are doing a **** job advertising their sound credentials.
  3. sweatydiego
    The thing about the nexus phones is that they're excellent devices in almost every area, but unfortunately for us it's always the sound quality they gimp on to keep the phones at such great unlocked prices (which personally doesn't phase me that much)
  4. SeeSax
    Just wanted to chime in here. I bought a USB-C to USB-A and it doesn't work with either of my DAC/Amps (FiiO E17 and Oppo HA-2). Admittedly the cable was not advertised as having OTG functionality, so I have another few coming in the mail today to try it. But I just wanted to say that I have not gotten any non-OTG cables to work thus far, which is a shame, because I really want to try out some DACs :)
    I don't have a problem with the sound quality, per se, but it is nothing to write home about and the volume levels are a joke. Really hoping to plug in some better stuff to get the right sound. 
  5. TrancerSte
    I've got the 6P and I've done some brief testing with my V-Moda M100s. The quality is meh... The bass is boomy to the point of being a bit overwhelming but at the same time less punchy than through my desktop PC Xonar D2X. The audio sounds more compressed, too. There is plenty of volume though - I know the M100s are easy to drive, but two steps down from max volume is already as loud as I can bear to listen to for long.
    I did a few tests to try to generate feedback, including running speedtest over LTE and both WiFi frequencies, updating a bunch of apps, and copying stuff from my PC to the internal storage over USB. I noticed no static, hissing or interference, which is great news.
    I reckon the audio quality is acceptable for my use. I rarely play audio from the jack anyway. I use a bluetooth headset for commuting as I hate being tethered with a wire to the phone in my pocket.
    The only time I use wires would be when I fly, and previously I've always plugged my iBasso D-Zero into my Nexus 5 with an OTG cable. I'm going to order one of these - hopefully it'll work with my 6P: http://www.belkin.com/us/p/P-F2CU034/
    btw I should note I'm running a custom ROM (AOSP base), but that ought not to make any difference.
  6. SeeSax

    Does that cable have OTG functionality? If not, it will not provide USB audio out. I couldn't find one that had OTG and USB-C to Micro, so I'm stuck using two cables. If you want to see what I ended up using, I can post it when I'm back at my desk.

    Also, thanks for your detailed thoughts on the 6P!

  7. TrancerSte
    I'm not sure how OTG support works on USB-C and whether there are different cables with functionality vs no functionality per se. OTG support for micro-B was due to an additional pin-to-wire connection in the phone end (you can even bodge your own from a standard cable: http://www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-USB-OTG-host-cable-The-easy-way/ ). I thought that the point of USB-C was meant to be that both ends are the same, power can flow in either direction and the pins are standardized and all present in all implementations? This very well might not be true in actuality, though.
  8. SeeSax

    I think that is true. The problem is that none of my DACs will accept a USB-C cable. So the conversion cables probably break the OTG functionality.
  9. DanBa
    Android USB audio
    A list of USB Type-C cables / adapters:
  10. queerquirks
    Lg g4 and N5x uses the 808 cpu but sound totally different. Is the DAC in the lg g4 different from the n5x cause the G4 sounds worse than a lg g2 too.
    G4 is all muddy and closed while N5x is brighter with better separation.
  11. junz415
    does anyone find a way to connect 6p to DAC directly? i mean, USB-C to micro OTG cable.
  12. SeeSax
    I still haven't found a single cable that will do that, unfortunately. So, I'm still using a Micro USB OTG to a USB-C adapter (two short cables). It works, but it's not the greatest. 
  13. NZtechfreak
    What's all this talk of OTG? OTG has nothing to do with USB Type C spec, which natively supports USB device connection. You do not need to use an OTG anything with a USB C device.
    I have a Belkin micro USB to USB C cable that works without any kind of adapter, used with my 6P and Chord Mojo. Unfortunately the cable is long and not that practical for pairing with a DAC in our use-case scenario, and I have not yet found shorter ones (but at least we know that a straight cable without adapter will work). Presumably shorter ones will come along sometime soonish.
  14. TrancerSte
    Would that be the one I linked a few posts back? http://www.belkin.com/us/p/P-F2CU034/
    I can't find one to buy here (which is annoying because they probably make the damn things just around the corner in China) and I'm not going to pay $15 international shipping just for a $20 cable. Next time I'm ordering some other stuff from the US I'll throw one in to see.
  15. junz415
    This cable is super long, 6ft,
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