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Next Vienna/Austria Meet: January 24th 2015

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  1. iRaphi
    15:00 would be preferable :wink:
  2. ampair
    alright, 15:00 it is.
    the address is gusshausstraße 27-29, i'll put signs on the entrance where you have to go.
  3. plakat
    Looking forward to see as many of you as possible tomorrow!
    still undecided what electronics to take with me... besides the V281 of course, new toys have to go out :wink:
  4. plakat
    As this thread might get closed please keep an eye open for a new thread around here for the next time.
    btw: we were looking forward to see you, @iRaphi -- what happened?
  5. iRaphi
    i broke my wrist on friday evening/night and had to go to the hospital...
    i considered going but then the pain pills kicked in :frowning2: (i slept for 12 hours at least ^^)
  6. iRaphi
    but if you took some pics or just have a funny story feel free to post :)
  7. plakat
    Very sorry to hear that -- get well soon!
    I did not take many pictures this time (I think just two or something like that), maybe I'll open an impressions thread in the relevant section of the forum.
  8. plakat
    Happy new year to all of you!
    How about a new attempt at establishing a meet in Vienna? Probably Jan. 18th or 24th?
    Some new toys are available for inspection... including an Abyss.
    Edgar Kaksis likes this.
  9. Edgar Kaksis
    Happy new year!
    Yes, it would be great! For me, both 18th and 24th would be fine.
    I can bring one NOS multi-bit DAC+headphone amp combo and a pair of planar isodynamic headphones, both built in Russia and never shown outside of it yet.
    Also, among portable toys, will fetch my Hifiman HM-801 with heavy modification of analog filter and after-market amplifier card (also built by my acquainted very talented electrical engineer). For IEMs that I use with it, I can bring Etymotic ER-4S with silver custom cable and Hippo Pro One. Can also bring a pair of Beyerdynamic DT-250/250 Ohm, but I guess in Austria it is too proverbial to be interesting =)
    And, of course, I would be very excited to audition Abyss - never had an opportunity before!
    P.S. Is the venue again at Gusshausstrasse 27-29?
  10. plakat
    @Edgar Kaksis sounds interesting. And no, the DT250 is very welcome. I've wished to hear them for quite some time, its a classic headphone I've yet to try out for myself.
    Regarding venue: if @ampair can do us the favor to reserve a room there that would be more than welcome. I hope @iRaphi can make it this time.
    If we decide on the later date maybe I can bring along a Beyer Custom One Pro and/or Street as well. For other options please feel free to take a look at my equipment list.
  11. Edgar Kaksis
    Good! From your inventory list I'm especially interested in Phonitor (want to try those fancy crosstalks and loudspeaker emulations for myself) and Benchmark 2.
    As to venue, actually I also work at TUW, so I have an access to TISS system, too, and can manage the reservation. Let's then decide for the day and time? Say, would 24th at 15:00 at Gußhausstrasse, 27-29 be ok?
    UPD: I'm also thinking if we should notify others somehow. For example, @ampair@nonno breuss@pcyco, @Gintaras haven't been online for quite a while and @ssag is probably not subscribed to this thread. So, if you have their contacts outside of head-fi from previous meets, drop them a line maybe?
  12. plakat
    24th is fine with me.
    I contacted ampair and nonno, lets see...
    Regarding venue: I'm fine with you reserving a room. Thanks in advance!
  13. iRaphi
    24th is fine with me :)
  14. pcyco
    the 24th jan is ok for me.
    see you
  15. ampair
    finally, another electrical engineer! found you in tiss, we have met at the grillfest in june i think (on the roof).
    please do the reservation, up until now i have been "hijacking" the rooms :wink:
    24th should be fine.
    not sure if you noticed, but this is almost exactly our 1-year anniversary. the first meet was on 25th jan 2014. any ideas how to celebrate this?
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