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Next step forward from a Fiio e7/e9

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by sidneyfife, Sep 14, 2012.
  1. SidneyFife
    Hey guys, 
    I'm new here and if there's a separate recommendations thread/forum and i'm being an ******* by posting this here, seriously sorry. 
    Anyway, I have a fiio e7/e9 combo im using to power my Ultrasone Pro900s. I listen almost exclusively to electronic music (trance, house, electro) and am looking for the next logical step in upgrading the amp, DAC, or both. I have about $400 to spend, not including whatever I can squeak out of selling the e7 and/or e9. 
    Any recommendations? Thanks!
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  2. Lord Voldemort
    You will be severely disappointed upgrading your amp / dac. The differences you will hear will be very subtle, especially under a blind test. 
    Be wise and if you are really willing to spend that $400, I recommend you look into trying out new headphones. 
  3. James66
    If you like the Fiio sound just switch out the 7 for the Alpen (e17) , I had the E7/E9 combo and got the Alpen it makes a huge difference and if you sell the e7 for city you'll only be out a hundred.

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