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Next set of cans after A900's

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by rattle, Mar 29, 2008.
  1. Rattle
    I am selling the ATH A900's, these cans have been great for me especially in 5.1 gaming. The only thing i hate about them is the headband and those 2 little self adjusting thingies. I swear I am developing bald spots from them lmao.

    Anyway In the same price range what is as good or better? I game and listen to rock/metal about 50/50.

    I was considering some cheap HD555's but I dont think they are great in metal department are they? The A900's were nice for music out of a XFI extreme music and I may get an amp in the future. So i guess some suggestions that are good without an amp but get even better with one are in order.
  2. -=Germania=-
    get an amp and try some modded denon d2000's or Akg k601's (the 701's seem harsh for games).
  3. Rattle
  4. sackynut
    The ES7's are good, but from what Ive heard they are high end portables. The cord is also 1.2M, so you might not have much slack while using your computer. Just a thought.

    Keep in mind, I remember reading a recent thread about someone who ordered those black ES7's from that website (mobile blue) and getting a fake, rip off.

    The HD555's (after burn in) sounds very good, very crisp. The quality is excellent, but they lack slightly in the bass department. Do you like a lot of bass in your metal/video games? If so, I would steer away from those.

    I dont have any suggestions, just some thoughts on those two pairs. I use A700's for my games/computer-music and am very pleased.
  5. Rattle
    The a900's are fine with bass for me, i dont really need much mroe I was happy with them in that department. Can anyone compare the bass between the HD555's and the A900's? I just really want something that sounds somewhat similar but without that stupid headband.
  6. S_G
    Are you looking to stick with closed phones? Or would you prefer open this time around? Circumaural or supraaural?

    Maybe the DT880s, but they're beyond the A900 price range. Jaben is having a deal where you get the DT880-250+CrossRoads Edge Amp (never tried it) for $289+shipping, so that may be a decent starter kit of sorts.
  7. Rattle
    i would go open if the bass wasnt sacrificed alot, i would like bass comparable to the A900s at least. I want COMFORT this time though as much as the quality of A900's. They just never really felt great on my head. people hearing noise around me from cans is not a concern whatsoever.
  8. donaldekelly Contributor
    I have HD595s - and the bass is nowhere near the A900s. A900s had too much bass. I like the 595s better in all areas.

    In otherwords - don't bother with the HD555s or 595s for bass like the A900s
  9. Rattle
    really damn, they are that "light" sounding compared to the a900's?

    I thought the a900's didnt have alot of bass to begin with lol.

    what do you listen to though?
  10. Rattle
    Hmm someone turned me onto the ultrasone HFI-780's
    these are highly being considered after all I have read.
  11. Rednamalas1
    I'm not sure why this wasn't suggested before, but Beyerdynamic DT770 80ohms are great for gaming as well as being super-comfortable.
  12. Rattle
    they would be a consideration also but right now the HFI-780's have caught my eye, not sure which would be closer sound signature to a900's though, I dont want drastically different sound to be honest.
  13. Rednamalas1

    Originally Posted by Rattle /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    they would be a consideration also but right now the HFI-780's have caught my eye, not sure which would be closer sound signature to a900's though, I dont want drastically different sound to be honest.

    I guess you like soundstage of A900s?

    Keep DT770 on your list as well - they have more bass than A900s
  14. CountChoculaBot
    HFI-780's are nowhere NEAR the comfort level of Audiotechnica's cans. Coming from an AD700, my HFI-780's are really, really obnoxious comfort wise. But they sound so much better [​IMG] (and don't give you the Audiotechnica mohawk)

    What you could get is the Denon D2000. Extremely comfortable, well regarded. I'm getting myself a pair soon. With the Markl mod, many people report loving it even more.
  15. Rattle
    yes I get the audiotechnica mohawk lmao. I do like the soundstage of the A900s for sure. They are great for gaming and music wise I am very pleased with them.

    what do you find obnoxious about the HFI-780's comfort wise? they seem to look quite comfy. I got kind of a small head i guess...
    I will check out the denons also, they may be slightly out of my price range though, $200 max i think

    thanks so much guys.

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