Next pair of cans

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  1. allhifi
    If it was a "pleasant step-up" to your ears, it's automatically quantifiable.

  2. Grado Diesel
    Definitely. I did put the carriage before the horse last year and had a super high quality coax made at Blue Jeans cable, so that outta do the job just dandy. I need to get solid set of RCA to RCAs to go between the DAC and amp though.
  3. allhifi
    Dispense with the Blue-Jean cable (and any association with the 'audioholics' group -for indeed, they remain "recovering" in a perpetual fog).

    Simply put, the BJ cable is nowhere near good enough; get your hands on a trial of the AQ "Vodka" USB cable -and perhaps even their digital cable (of the same model) of which I have not auditioned (but is on order ). Better yet, find yourself an Acoustic Zen "MC-2" digital cable -excellent !

    You will, thank me later. (And then, continue to shake your head in disbelief)

  4. allhifi

    Excellent. Thanks. I shall revisit the HD-600 and HD-800/800S.

    I hope it's understood by all that "what is believed to be the "sound" of a headphone is highly influenced by the sound of the preceding equipment cable, power (AC) source and so on. It's very unwise to lose sight of this; higher resolution devices -by its very nature of being resolving/transparent- will and do recreate the signal as it is received.

    If listener's have tried and noted the SQ distinctions that after-market cable (in fact any cable choice) has on sound quality (and it can be dramatic) surely one can appreciate the logic in always referencing (realizing/noting) the sound (as revealed by the cans) to be that which originates from the source(s) that come before.

    So, before any semblance of an absolute can be derived, the source(s) must always be noted -and respected.


    (P.S. I don't know if the 660 replaces/succeeds the 650 -although it makes sense.)
  5. allhifi
    NEXT DAY report (Ethernet cable change -from Router/Eth. switch to Pi (3B) used as music player): Upon awakening, I thought, "damn, SQ is ****ty this morning". As I'm currently 'breaking-in' the mighty impressive Reference 3A "Dulcet Be (SE)" compact stand-mount loudspeaker ($3,195./pair US$), I simply assumed it was going through a 100-hour break-in stage. And so (as I always do/note, I checked the AC line condition -precisely stable at 120-V (no fluctuations for several hours prior).

    Then, it occurred to me -I left the crappy CAT 5e cable from the night before. Yanked it out (gently of course) and all was back to normal. For anyone that can't hear such blatant sound quality distinctions, further investigation is required to sort it out (i.e find answers).

    Yet another reminder of the enormous contribution of signal cable -whatever "signal" its carrying/transmitting. And a gentle reminder to seek a premium 25' (8-metre ) CAT-6a or 7 Ethernet cable; something from say "Gore" Aerospace (non audio company) or, naturally from the usual suspects Audioquest, Wireworld etc.

  6. allhifi
    I'm curious, what is considered a "... solid set of RCA to RCAs" ?

    (Consider Wireworld's "Solstice-7" ($60.00-US$/pr.) or model below. WW' makes some excellent inexpensive IC cable. As does .... I'll get back to you -forgetting names/models at the moment. lol

    Save time/frustration and pass on Kimber (non SELECT models) and AQ models in this price range. Oh, consider also Audience's "Oh-No series", and, darn, can't recall some others I's strongly urge you to consider .... (I shall return with some further economical rec's)

  7. allhifi
    GD: If you enjoy/seek immensely 'fleshed-out' musicality, consider the (long) discontinued (circa 2009) XLO "Reference-2" or, if a special deal arises the 'REF-3' interconnect (IC) that remains current to this day. REF-2's used should be available for no more than $80-$100/pair.

    This would be an example of a cable (IC) that simply has one muttering "how-can-that-be" !

  8. allhifi
    Hi GD: I presume you purchased your 400i's new ? If so, does it require (or is there a recommended) 'break-in' ?
    Although I've had mine nearing 4-weeks, I'm unable to leave it connected to my preamp (Cambridge Audio 840-E), as once the headphone is inserted into the HP jack (that I didn't even realize the pre had -lol), it mutes the speaker output.

    I look forward to powering the cans with a basic separate amp (Schiit Magni-3 or Emotiva A-100 (Flex). I can use the pair of "balanced-out's" to the HP amp -with the required XLR/RCA adapter.

    Any suggestions regarding break-in (time required, what to expect) would be appreciated.

  9. George Taylor
    Has anyone suggested anything from Beyerdynamic to you yet OP? A nice lower priced model they have is the 770Pro 80 ohm. For a bit more, the 1990Pro is pretty fantastic. I have both the 400i and the 560 from Hifiman, and enjoy them both. I think you might like the Beyers if you could try them out.
  10. ahmadfaizadnan
    I would highly suggest the HD6XX :ksc75smile:
  11. allhifi
    For sure, Beyer makes some nice models; DT-770/990 Pro -are these Open or Closed-Back ?

  12. George Taylor
    770 are closed, 1990 is open. The SQ is quite different between the two.
  13. squee116
    This is exactly why I have my Bifrost MB running to two different amps: MAC 1900 and Violectric V200. One is known for being a warm amp, the other closer to neutral. I run headphones out of both for at least a day or two of use before deciding for myself.
  14. squee116
    Mine finally showed up. I would definitely put these in the same class as the 400i. I think Hifiman's still resolve better, and have a more present bass, but where the Hifiman is definitely arranged for certain types of music, I'm finding the positioning of the instruments and vocals of the HD6xx are a compromise to be suitable for most genres. I'm still of the opinion that the 400i is the equivalent of "in the crowd, at a live show." It's more raw, for better or worse. You can hear the tiniest details of instrumentals and vocals, and the bass just strikes so right, not too strong or weak. The hd6xx is giving me more of "polished" feeling. The smaller details are smoothed out, which makes some recordings less harsh, and other recordings feel like they're missing something. The arrangement the hd650 feels more like a "produced" song, it's well thought out, balanced, but lacks the energy or impact that a live performance would otherwise have.

    Long story short, both are great. Don't choose. Get both. At HD6xx prices, there's really no reason not to.
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  15. squee116
    Did you mean 990 or 1990? Very different. Had 990s. They were alright. Comfort wasn't bad or great. SQ was alright. Sound sig wasn't to my taste though. 770/880/990 differ as to closed/semi-open. The grills are probably closer to semi-open than open on them, I think?
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