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Jun 7, 2009

I am considering upgrading from my UE 3s, which won't break the bank. I have been doing research on and off for the past few months trying to find something that suites my taste. As much as I like the sound of my super.fis, they aren't the most comfortable if you are trying to lay your head down. I am looking for clarity rather than deep bass or high treble. (Not a fan of my brother's Skullcandy's

I am trying to stay sub $100, with a push up to $150. I would be going unamped out of a 80GB iPod for the time being, until I can get a decent amp for under $40 (a cMOY off eBay, since I would rather have a PCB circuit rather than a breadboard circuit I would build myself).

I am looking at mostly the Etymotic lineup: er6i or er4P (eventually get a P to S adapter) or even upgrading to the 5 (but like I said, I want something I can easily rest in and give me great isolation). I've read that the top Denon in ears are good, but are bass heavy? Replaceable cords are another plus.

My listening preferences are mainly black metal, post-rock and classical, with little dabblings in J-Pop, electronica, and indie. If possible I would like something that could handle the ambiance of black metal (and dark ambient/ martial music) but also make it feel like I am sitting the center of a large music hall listening to the orchestra.

P.S. Sorry for making another one of these annoying posts but I would like some input from others before I cut the rope.

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