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NEWS: Beats in a lawsuit with Yamaha

Discussion in 'Head-Fi Network & Industry News' started by joe, Feb 14, 2013.
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  1. luckyseventh
    you know, im rather surprised there's so little beats hate considering how the brand has become head-fi's whipping boy as of late.
    but back on the topic, i believe that this is a ploy by yamaha to score some attention from the public, because i highly doubt that such a well-established company would be as stupid as to just copying another company's models. but then again, stupidity is not uncommon...
  2. Dsnuts Contributor
    Wonder if they will ever go after the Chinese.
  3. pro1137
    If you count DealExtreme, they already have.
  4. dlalfjf1234
    i dont think that is possible, its impossible to track those kind of people in China.
  5. MrViolin
    We tend to... take things maturely in public [​IMG] or at least hold things in
  6. DefQon
    Dr.Dre Beat's following straight after Apple's behaviour. 
  7. pokpokgei
    if i were a consumer that is interested in both the beats headphone design and the sound quality i am receiving from them.
    then this piece of news is only good news and gives me a good direction for purchase. 
    obviously beats feels threatened here and is retaliating and when someone  retaliates to a threat, it means there is serious contesting going on. if the yahama design pulls it off well enough in my preference and offers better sound quality upon auditioning both, then why not go with the yamaha? 
    haha, it's a win for me as long as the yamaha product is still on shelves in stores.

    and of course i must not be a fanboy for either brand to benefit from this comparison.
    lawsuit wise there is nothing worth commenting on as it's a total waste of time. try to look at it as another hobby of the filthy rich.
  8. bcschmerker4
    If that's the case, the advertisement cited could very well get Yamaha Corporation in trouble with the British Broadcasting Corporation, who holds copyright on "Doctor Who" (originally filed for in 1967 for the BBC's ongoing sci-fi drama), in addition to the suit launched by Monster Cable and Dr. Dre on specification infringement.
  9. miceblue
    I'm surprised no one mentioned the Noontec Zoro. Even Tyll at Innerfidelity says they're Beats Solo knock-offs.
  10. DefQon
    Both are ugly and crap imo.
    KimLaroux likes this.
  11. Theogenes
    Several people have made the comparison between this lawsuit and Apple v. Samsung, and without opening a can of fanbois, I have to say that I find these two cases differing greatly in merit. In the overall look, it seems pretty obvious that Yamaha was knowingly imitating Beats, which could reasonably be said to cause confusion in the marketplace. (This is, of course, setting aside very valid points about whether Beats ripped off Shure or other companies themselves, among many other issues). 
    However, I found the Apple v. Samsung comparison to be almost wholly lacking in merit. The summaries and breakdowns presented on Ars Technica really made it seem like Apple was grasping desperately at straws, and I don't think anybody with even a rudimentary knowledge of either operating system (even with Samsung's goddawful TouchWiz interface) would even momentarily confuse one for the other. They are just too vastly different, and any arguments about their similarities could just as easily be made to a number of other products to further underscore the ludicrousness of Apple's position, in my opinion. 
    But nobody ever introduced me with "His Right Honorable..." in front of my name, so my thoughts here are worth pretty much horseapples. Boo bears. 
  12. Theogenes
    I second that emotion. 
  13. Dubstep Girl
  14. Armaegis
    I would love it if Yamaha tapped David Tennant or Matt Smith to wear their headphones. It would fit with the tagline and be a big "neener neener" to Beats because it's a perfectly valid ad then. 
    See, I'm fully expecting Yamaha to make a *big deal* out of this. Beats at this point doesn't really need publicity, or the gains there would be marginal. But if Yamaha makes a big public fuss and has their defences geared to go, they can only go up from there because public awareness in terms of lawsuits is kinda anti Beats anyways due to affiliation with Monster (oh they're suing somebody again?)
    Or maybe I'm just being overly academic here and assuming too much of the public. After all, an educated public wouldn't have been such sheep to begin with right?
  15. moali125
    Design is beats by dres focus so when everyone else has it, they lose everything, except muddy bass. Why yamaha did this? No idea.. Shame they will get sued
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