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NEWS: Beats in a lawsuit with Yamaha

Discussion in 'Head-Fi Network & Industry News' started by joe, Feb 14, 2013.
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  1. King of Pangaea
    Some would say that a teardrop is evidence of intelligent design.  Does that mean Beats phones were made by God?  Just adding fuel to the fire here.
  2. Armaegis
    That's not fuel to the fire. That's just... [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. ForShure
  4. Hutnicks
    Hmmmm. Searching madly for tinfoil hat emoticon.......................
  5. Hutnicks

    Found my tinfoil hat:) I'm going to take a shot at this just for laughs.
    Is there a huge difference here?
    One of my all time favourites.. Paint it red throw a b on it and...
    You come to this "b" logo from a ways back, and curiously enough for a headphone.
    Hey look it's even red.
    Hmmm from the shack.
    I think that a real research effort sponsored by good ol legal dollars can turn up enough to cast doubt on the beats uniquness.
    PS I hereby pledge to cowtow and buy a pair of 800's if Senni takes a pop at beats in the courtroom:wink:
    peaceful1 and zorin like this.
  6. dryvadeum
    I think the major issue is the blatant copying of the "unibody" design of the headphone.
  7. SmOgER
    I can understand Yamaha very clearly. It's quite good marketing from all this fuss (just look at the ads, they are doing it on purpose), but what about Shure???
  8. streetdragon
    Shure is just quietly doing their own business in the studio sector of the market, so i don't think beats has anything to do there.[​IMG]
    (afterall they don't advertise much too)
  9. SmOgER
    It's just kinda not cool and turns their brand off...  What is the purpose of such a HPs? There should be some chinese logo on them, NOT Shure. What's more, as stupidly as it sounds, but by doing that they are unintentionally showing that Beats are reference point for (/ above) Shure.
  10. streetdragon
    Well but their higher end headphones look nothing like beats. Its only this lowest end one that happens to look like beats.
  11. peaceful1
  12. droido256
    I just tried all three of the Yamahas, besides sound absolutely awesome, they look and feel NOTHING like the crappy beats. The only problem I had was the 400 model was too big for my head! Lolol. Unlike the beats even tho they're plastic they felt well built, sound obviously lightyears better.
    peaceful1 likes this.
  13. SpiderNhan
    There are lots of aesthetic copy cats out there. It's really the sound and reputation of Yamaha that is making Beats Audio squirm. Check out these gems.
  14. SmOgER
    Although this brand seems pretty crappy, I wouldn't say these are looking like beats. They even fold differently, and cups are nothing like beats unibody design and similiar slick headband in used in numerous headphones, we could even include XB300's there
  15. AzN1337c0d3r

    Are you kidding me? The teardrop shape is part and parcel of a useful headphone? Damn, Sennheiser must not be making headphones, they don't have the teardrop shape! They designed a headphone, and then applied a shape to it. The shape application was to purposefully file a patent which is used to restrict consumer choice. There was no design here, because there isn't even a hint of a process by which Monster arrived at such a shape.

    Did you read my last post? This is completely irrelevant.


    Except that the TP1 is as you admit, a collection of shapes. As far as I know, that collection of shapes have never been put together in such a manner before.
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