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NEWS: Beats in a lawsuit with Yamaha

Discussion in 'Head-Fi Network & Industry News' started by joe, Feb 14, 2013.
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  1. blasjw
    I totally agree.  I have the Ludacris and the first time I saw the Yamahas my first thought was "Yamaha makes Ludacris???"
  2. catspaw
    False Advertising is basicly the only form of advertising there is left.
    I dont think Sennheiser or Hifiman or even Stax needs a huge investment in ads since their products actually are good.
    Since they are, people will talk about them.
    But beats and yamaha need publicity to sell, becouse otherway probably noone would care for them.
    In todays World, companies even buy forums to spread ads (and that falls into false ads, as well as fraud since its mascarading an ad as a personal opinion, not to mention that you are faking to be many people while its the same person writing).
    If we add to this things like Spams, scams, and so on, the only way to beat this system is to "pave people you can trust".
    So basicly, i hope this niche that we have right now wont get too big, or someday it will probably be bought by apple or something like that (Perfect example of this is Tomshardware.com, once a great site for hardware, today a marketing system).
  3. Steve Eddy
    Uh oh. Looks like TDK's getting into the act now.
    Look at the "High Fidelity" models.
  4. droido256
    ok, I dont see it. The headband looks different and more solid, earcups look better than beats, and different. Yamaha's design is nothing like beats.
    What we have here is one of the worst headphone makers, suing one of the best, simply because they want more money. I sure hope Yamaha's lawyers takes beats to the floor.
    (note I maaaayyybe a little biased seeing as I cannot stand beats, and am a Yamaha fan, however I do not see enough of a resemblance, nor any kind of infringement on beats crap by Yamaha.)
  5. Armaegis
    I know the ST800 has been out for quite some time. Not sure about the 750 though.
  6. Craigster75

    They look nothing like Beats; they're.................silver???
  7. applebook
    It's pretty obvious what TDK, Yamaha, Denon, and others are doing. Carmakers and other companies in every industry do this all the time. Take a look at what "smartphones" looked like prior to the iPhone, and what many of them look like afterwards. IMO, being able to copyright a basic shape just adds fuel to the fire against patent laws, which have become ridiculous. 
    For Beats to rip off those logos is a bigger encroachment, IMO. 
  8. streetdragon
    and i thought that akg K550 had no bass until i tried their ST800/ST700. (forgot which one i tried)
    Absolutely rubbish, dry and not even clear.
  9. droido256
    I never thought TDK made anything good except cd's, and cassettes......ah cassettes.....I miss thee. All their headphones I've tried sucked lol.
  10. Hutnicks

    Yes the TDK's ,the Maxell's, sure  Memorexwil have a go too. You would think that given the ability of Superlux to knock out decent sounding cans for cheap, these guys could at least do as well. Boggles the mind why they just don't rebrand them and save the agro. Then again never underestimate a large corporations ability to asses an overcrowded market, say "me too" and jump right in.
  11. Steve Eddy
    I'm not talking about the photo at the top of the page. I'm talking about the headphones in their "High Fidelity" range down below. The ST750, STi710, ST800 and ST700.
  12. Craigster75

    I know, it was my poor attempt at humor [​IMG]
  13. iPaintCode
    So many rip-off artists around now, Google and Samsung been getting into bed with each other basically copying all things Apple. It's not a secret Johnny Ive had a lot of inspiration from Diter Ram's Braun work. But one thing Apple does, they reinvent and make better by adding their own signature, big difference. Chromebook pixel launch video even copies Apples launch videos but wait they used a dark background instead of white. Take a look at the Chromebook Pixel site, it looks exactly like a mash between the last MacBook Pro site and the current landing MacBook Pro page, from product shoots, to CSS3 transitions. It's obvious from images like this Google and Samsung are just straight ripping and butchering Apples design: 
    Funny part is, all these Apple ripoffs are full of cheap plastic, crappy hardware, horrible screens, twice the weight, 1/2 the battery life if lucky, the absolute WORST trackpads and the list goes on. But hey they cost 1/3 - 1/2 of a new MacBook Air/Pro. Not to mention silver metal looking wann-be aluminium chassis, black streamline keyboard, black glossy trim on LED and the list goes on. Then you have the new Chromebook Pixel, 1299 for a browser... I'm all for someone challenging Apple but this is just straight up calling for a Steve Jobs come back from the grave ass whipping. Sadly if Steve was around this would have never happened.
    Sadly I've noticed this trend in the headphone world. Welcome to a world of plagiarism, and people wonder why patent laws are so out of control...
  14. droido256
    Go get em Yamaha, you have my support. At least Yamaha makes audio equipment that sounds good, unlike the many hi-fi posers out there.
  15. applebook
    Off topic but there are plenty of really good ultrabooks out there. Yes, Apple was the first to popularize it, just like the smartphone and the tablet, but I would much rather have a 1080p IPS screen ZenBook, which isn't made of cheap materials either.
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