NewFantasia Replacement Audio Upgrade Cable for Sennheiser HD598

  1. mohsin9221
    Ok I`m 100% its not a placebo effect, it all started when i bought used Sennheiser HD598 from a local chap, he throw in a very nice storage box along with this replacement cable and since from the start I put in this cable because it was shorter in length (1.2m) than original. I got used to listening to that cable and few days ago just out of curiosity I plugged in original cable and guess what? I was listening a different sound dynamics. At first I thought it was some placebo effect so I took some time to check this my self, my wife and a friend (blind tested with them) and they can hear a difference in sound too, here are my findings

    Original Cable
    * Sound volume is low
    * Higher dynamic range
    * No distortion of any kind
    * Mids/Treble has good separation.
    * Bass is less tight, <100hz is like invisible

    New Fantasia Replacement cable
    * More sound volume
    * Bass is fuller upto 20hz, more punchy
    * More sparkle in upper mid range but its overlapping higher frequencies so vocals sounds muffled sometimes.
    * Less dynamic range.
    * More echoing sound (wider sound stage may be?)

    Depending on your listening preferences you may or may not like that change in sound stage but I like my headphones to sound flat with good separation.

    Here are the links, Seller claims it to be OFC wire
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