Newest (and best) iGrado mod
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Headphoneus Supremus
Sep 26, 2003
Comfort is an issue with the iGrado, a least with my ears; I can barely listen for one hour at a time. The present procedure eliminates all pain and discomfort. The present mod uses cheap polyurethane foam, which can be purchased by the sheet from firms like McMaster-Carr. (Look under Rubber and Foam/Sheets, Bars and Strips - no backing, 1/8" thick, open cell, no backing, gray and white polyurethane foam.) There are other distributors, but they seem to be more expensive and less user-friendly than McMaster-Carr.

1. Take a thin piece of polystyrene foam and cut it into a 3-1/4" circle - the diameter of the iGrado ear pad.

2. With a heavy pen, draw a one inch circle in the middle of the foam. Now, fold the foam in half, and cut out the center so you have a foam "do-nut."



3. You're almost ready. Fold the do-nut in half, and slip it under the foam on your iGrado. The pad should be oriented to the top of the headphone (cables facing down); that's where you'd otherwise experience discomfort.

My final photo is of an iGrado with the "quarter mod" done on it; as a result, adding the foam padding for my current mod is much easier. If you don't use the quarter mod, you can slip the pad under the iGrado's headphone pad. As before, make sure the foam is facing up, as if you were wearing the iGrado.

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