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Newcommer. Looking for IEM advice (~100$) to use as Daily Drivers/Hobby-level music production

  1. Hexanix
    Hello, my old daily driver IEM pair (HiFiMann Re-400) died on me and I'm looking to get myself something new. I'm going to be using them as my everyday iems (so mostly for walking around town, no exercising with them or anything) and possibly for hobby-level home music production (like, amateur level.)
    I liked how unbiased the Re-400s sounded, but it lacked a bit on the low-low-end. Also the build quality wasn't very good (good casing, non-detachable cable were their end though...)
    I've been snooping around the 100$ mark of budget IEMs and these two models have stood out most:

    The GR07s because they're a staple, well-regarded and balanced.
    The Tin Audio 2 are very affordable, look attractive and apparently are quite impressive for their price.
    How do the two compare sound- and build- wise?

    I'm also open to new suggestions for a pair. I live in Bulgaria, Eastern Europe, so shipping may be a slight issue. I'd say I'm still getting my toes wet when it comes to hi-fi equipment, the aforementioned RE400s being the first pair for which I've done my research and shelled out more than 30$.
  2. varisvaris
    I would go with used king pro to suit the budget.
    I like it a lot.
  3. Hexanix
    I've heard it's quite mid-to-high oriented sound-wise. Is that so?
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  4. Hexanix
    (double post, ignore this)
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2018
  5. serman005
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  6. sensenick
    Ibasso IT01. You are not going to regret it at all, I had also a RE-400 and the improvement is huge. Besides, the cable does not have microphony.
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  7. Hexanix
    Problem with IT01s is that I cannot find it for a reasonable price here. I either have to pay too much for shipping or buy an overpriced imported pair.
  8. PaganDL
    Hi @Hexanix,

    I would also suggest IT 01, yes, shipping is generally a problem but there a two ways for you to order either with free shipping or low cost shipping

    Buy direct from iBasso :
    Free Shipping by Airmail (May take time to get to you, up to 3 weeks if unlucky, not iBasso's fault, just blame regular international post)
    Pay for expedited shipping / courier + $22 USD (get to you within 5 days, should be within 3 days but depends on Customs & your local DHL depot)

    Buy from Penon Audio :
    Free Shipping (get to you in 5 days)

    Keep in mind, any potential issues which are unlikely to happen but you never know, iBasso can be contact directly but they may suggest go through dealer first if you buy from anywhere else other than them.

    Hope either of these options work for you.

    Hope you have a great day !
  9. sensenick

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