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New Head-Fier
Mar 14, 2006
Hi everyone! I'm new to the world of home audio/head-fi, I guess you can call it that. I've been contemplating about getting some decent headphones to listen to my music while I'm studying late at night in front of my computer. I was thinking about trying out the much raved about Grado SR-1s, but I decided to pick up more of an entry level set of headphones, the Audio Technica ATH-AD700. I was pretty amazed by the overall sound quality, imaging, and tonality.

I have become quite the audiophile in the past 2 years, since I've been interested in high end mobile audio and have been doing IASCA (International Auto Sound Challenge Assoc) competitions. I got tired of the horrible SQ of my Altec Lansings and all the computer speakers I demoed at stores sounded horrible. What better way to listen to audiophile quality music and not having my parents complain when I'm playing my music late at night.

I tried out a few of my reference CDs I use for car audio competitions with my ordinary portable Panasonic CD player and they sounded amazing. I used the IASCA competition disc, which has Sheffield Labs quality recordings. There is quite a bit of difference between car audio speakers and "cans" as you guys call them. I'm very impressed with these Audio Technicas, but that I need an amp to really bring out the detail and see what these headphones really can do. I've been interested in the Audio Technica AT-DHA300 and the Audio Technica AT-HA20 amps. I wanted something of an entry level amp to get me started. I was also wondering if anyone uses EQs or Sound Processors with their headphones, as we use with car audio.

Is there anyone with Audio Technica gear that can offer me some advice or suggestions? Thanks a lot.

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