Newbie needs help
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New Head-Fier
Apr 13, 2007
Hi. I am looking for headphones (cost is not a consideration) that will meet the following characteristics....and in order of importance

1. Sound is concealed to the listener as much as possible. I do have the AKG 701s and do like them a lot but I cannot use it for my mini bed side set up as it will disturb my significant other. (the bed side mini system is a modified IPO to a digital docking station all done by MSB Tech so the IPOD has a digital out...connected to a Benchmark DAC/Headphone amp. IEMs do work and I do have the Shure 500s but
2. Needs to be very comfortable. IEMs I main use for portability but using them at home for longer session can get uncomfortable. Also I do find the AKG 701s fit a bit too tightly...I wear glasses by the way.
3. Sound Quality

Any ideas?

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