Newbie needs help setting up Pioneer SP BS22 speakers, SW 8 MK2 sub, and lepai amp
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Mar 7, 2013
I just received my brand new speakers, amp, and sub.  However, I did not buy any speaker wire or RCA cables. I'm totally new to this, and I need a little help choosing which stereo wire and other accessories I need for a set up that will work well with my desk top computer.
Is all speaker wire the same?  Should I just go to Amazon and choose any type of speaker wire?  
Any help is appreciated, and I would like it if you'd post links to the equipment I need. 
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Oct 29, 2001
Well, there are a few things to keep in mind. It looks like the Lepai amp has spring clips for the speaker output terminals - this will require either bare metal or an appropriate connector / termination (link below). The spring clips also restrict the size of the speaker wire that you can use if you're just going to go with bare metal - not really an issue since you're using it on a desktop (long speaker cable lengths necessitate larger conductors for best performance). I think 14 - 16 AWG is about the maximum that spring clips usually accept, which is also overkill for your particular setup. A 50 ft spool of 14 AWG speaker wire from Monoprice costs $12.87 (link below).
To insert the speaker wire in the spring clip, just trim back the outer jacket about 1/4 inch, being careful not to actually cut into the copper strands. Then twist the exposed bare metal wires so that it will go into the terminal opening without leaving stray wires outside.
On your speaker end, you have five way binding posts. You can either hook the wire around the post itself or insert it into the hole in the post. Then hand tighten down the lug nut - snug enough to hold the wire in place but not so tight that you break off strands of wire. You could also terminate with spades or bananas - either by crimping or soldering. I'd use heat shrink tubing or electrical tape to protect the connection, if you go this route.
For RCA cables, I suggest getting shielded ones. Blue Jeans Cable offers the LC-1 ($35 / 3 ft pair). Monoprice ($2.43 / 3 ft pair) also sell shielded interconnects. Personally, I prefer the Blue Jeans since you know what type of shielding and cable construction you're getting. I also use them myself in my headphone setup.
Good luck!
Spring clip terminator
Speaker wire:
Blue Jeans Cable LC-1
Monoprice shielded RCA

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