Newbie needing help for bassy earphones
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Jul 6, 2009
I've been buying aftermarket earphones for years now but they have mainly been restricted to Sennheiser cx300/cx500 etc

Now I want to take a step up in terms of quality.

I would like my new ear phones to be excellent on bass whilst maintaining quality throughout the ranges.

My budget is upto £100 and I have looked at three up to now.

Monster Turbine - have excellent reviews but are at the top of my budget really at £110

Head Direct RE0 - again excellent reviews and more appealing than the Monster's because they are not made by Monster lol. However, I have read the bass isn't as impressive as it could be which could be a problem

NuForce NE-8 - I can pick these up for £65 which is a bonus but can't seem to find any comprehensive reviews.

I must also stress that I am very new to this game and eager to learn so if there are any other headphones that people can recommend then I am more than happy to listen (pardon the pun)


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First things first, you can do away with the Nuforce NE-8. The NE-7M would be much better for bassy music.

I'm also thinking about the RE0 and there are some people who would receive their's in a few days, so I'm waiting for a few updated reviews.

Can't say anything about the Turbine's, also looking into them, but they are a bit above my budget and not easy to get for me in the Netherlands.
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try a pair of Ultimate ears 5eb earphones. for around £110 you might be able to find a bargain.
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Do some research about the Victor FX500. They're a dynamic driver earphone so they've got a big, fun sound, yet with tons of detail and great soundstage. It's hard to fault them. Very nice for about $135 usd. You have to order them from Bluetin Japan, but my order was so smooth with them that I'd have no hesitation about repeat business.

My only hesitation about recommending them is they can tend to be a little 'hot' in the highs. So it helps if you have a mellow source. What will you be using for yours?

Welcome to Head-Fi btw.....your wallet's gonna hate you.
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Thanks for the replies so far! Giving me a lot to think about.

The source isn't great at the moment, it's an ipod video. Was thinking about getting a portable amp and upgrading to a better source later on.
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get a better source first before the amp? obviously the source upgrade will damage your wallet more...but thats Head-fi for u.
just my 2 cents in case u needed it. =P
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Originally Posted by insomniax /img/forum/go_quote.gif
obviously the source upgrade will damage your wallet more...but thats Head-fi for u.

Ain't that the truth! It's a never ending curse.
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That's definately something to think about!

If I did upgrade my source I'd probably upgrade my headphones at the same time as well! So you're right, my wallet will hate me!

Are there any side by side reviews of headphones suggested above. Usually I would try and listen to the audio equipment I buy but it is especially difficult with earphones!

I'm finding it hard to narrow down my search because there are mixed reviews for every set of phones I've researched lol.

I'm getting sucked in fast!!

Edit - CN11 I see from your sig that you own a couple of the headphones which have been mentioned in this thread. What would your recommendation be?
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Currently I'm enjoying the FX500's more than any of the others I have. But they do seem to have a very nice synergy with the Sony X1060. With the Sony, they have all the bass of the Atrios, bass which is much tighter yet deeper than the Turbines (also the IE8's), and treble/resolution/soundstage which betters all of them.
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After the replies here and looking at various reviews I think I have narrowed it down to 2, the atrios and the FX500s. The atrios seem a better option due to the availability in the UK but I absolutely love the look of the FX500s!!

Would a new source be completely necessary if I were to buy a mobile amp such as the fiio?
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Actually, if isolation is not a big factor and you do not live in an extremely windy place, I would recommend the Audio Technica CKS70 over the JVC FX500. They have more bass punch than the FX500 and better bass definition. I also find the FX500 can be a bit sibilant (burnt in for about 100hrs).
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Good grief! Something that has more bass punch than the FX500's?? I would love to hear that. Must be something... Can you describe the other differences as well? I'm not too familiar with the AT earphones, other than things I've read about their CK10's & CK100's.
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I'll also be interested in how deep the bass on those go. When I listen to phones with too much mid bass impact I can't help but crink my nose in disgust now hahaha. The JVC bass is the best I've heard thus far so something with better definition definitely catches my attention or should that be ears.

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