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newbie need advcie

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by azdian, Nov 7, 2011.
  1. Azdian
    I have been reading lately about Beyerdynamic DT 880 and got confused about the OHM
    as you know there is 32ohm / 250ohm and 600ohm .. and that higher ohm needs an Amp
    and to be honest i don't know anything about it or how to use an amplifier :'(
    so im planning to order
    DT 880 600ohm
    Zo Amplifier
    is it good ? or i should buy dt 880 32ohm without amp ?
    I may only use it at home .. on my computer and laptop .. gaming and music.
    a newbie need advice here :)
  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    It appears that the Zo is not a headphone amplifier, more like a bass booster.
    So my gut says it would not work well with 600-Ohm headphones, but I'm still researching.
    How about getting 250-Ohm headphones and a Fiio headphone amplifier?
    If your willing to spend $300 for headphones (even 32-Ohm ones).
    Might as will spend a few dollars for a headphone amplifier.
  3. RPGWiZaRD
    It IS an amp that's more powerful than FiiO E11 for example but 600 ohm is still stretching it, maybe 250~300 ohm is doable, 600 ohm might be too much though.
  4. PurpleAngel Contributor
    The Fiio E11 is rated for up to 300-Ohms
    The Zo is rated for headphones under 200-Ohms (per Zo manual).
    I guess the DT 880 32-Ohm would work.
    Maybe Fischer Audio FA-011, they are 160-Ohm.
  5. Azdian
    more confusion xD
    ok .. is there anything better ? my budget is around 450$ ( for a headphone, amp, and maybe Zalman Zm-Mic1 )
  6. NinjaSquirt
    FiiO E7, it will power the 250 ohm no problem but 600 ohm version I'm kind of iffy on. It's also good cause it's portable and has a decent DAC. You do NOT want to use a Beyer DT880 (revealing headphone) with a laptop DAC. E7 solves all your problem and comes in well under your budget.
  7. Azdian


    So E7 will be good with beyer dt 880?
    what about Zo2 <<< i think its still new .. no impressions yet
  8. NinjaSquirt
    It will be okay until you can upgrade. IDK if you have your heart set up on the DT880 they'll work but the DT880 has some serious sibilance problem with SS amps but you may be the type of person who enjoys that. I would be thinking something else but I can't recommend anything because IDK what genres you listen to.
  9. Azdian


    not really .. if there is something better htan dt 880 around my budget i'll buy it .. about the genres little of this and that, love good music no matter what is the genre
    I will be more than happy to see what would you recommend for me .. around 450$

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