Newbie looking for input on 'phones to mate with my gear.
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New Head-Fier
Jun 1, 2015
Hello All.
I've been a frequent browser of this forum, but just decided to join today.  I've been an "audiophile" (fool?) for over 20 years, but I've never moved into the realm of headphones.  I have actually only even heard hi-end headphones on a couple of occasions in the past.  One was a pair of AKG 270's, probably 20 or more years ago.  They actually blew me away in terms of sound quality and clarity.  But, since I was a single guy, I always went toward full-range speaker systems (and still do), because you can't get the actual physical impact (gut-whomp, etc) from the cans that a true full-range speaker system can deliver.  
However, now that I am married, and have two young boys, I am finding that I actually have a need for some high quality cans.  I'm more of a night owl, whereas my boys are in bed by 9pm, and my wife, who is a nurse at a hospital and gets up for her shifts by 5:30am, is usually not far behind.  But, this is really the only real time that I can listen to music, or watch movies, etc.  So, it is not very frequently that I can experience that whomp anymore.  And listening at very low volumes detracts from the music or movie, as you cannot pick out the nuances, or experience the fully dynamic range of the sound.  
So, now I'm looking to pick up some quality phones to allow for a more enjoyable experience, for both my listening pleasure, and my family's sleep quality!
My current systems:
Bedroom:  Sony DVP-S9000ES, Sansui AU-717 integrated amp, custom designed bookshelf speakers with Eton drivers.
Reference:  Modwright Tube Modified Oppo BDP-105, Belles 28A preamp with MM/MC, Thorens TD-125 mkII, SME 9001 Series 2 improved tonearm, Denon DLS1 LOMC cartridge, Spectron Musician III stereo amp, Tony Gee Andromeda mk2 speakers.
I've read really good things about the head-amps for both the Sansui and the Oppo BDP-105.  I would love to hear from experienced users about what they have tried with either/both of these sources.  Right now, I'm seriously looking at Sennheiser HD600's, but am very open to other ideas.

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