Newbie Looking For Advice ATH-M50!
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May 12, 2013
hello everyone, first of all hey my names kris, i abolsutely love music and always have, i have recently been more and more interested in listening to music in much higher quality with far higher bit rates etc, and remastered songs of old bands and tracks
im looking for a set of headphones and the pair that has caught my eye and seem to get the most praise are the audio technica ath-m50's, ive searched about and they seem to be pretty popular but im looking for some advice to wether they would be ideal for me, im not a serious audiophile, but i like quality and hoping (before i spend £133) you can give me some pointers with them, basically i would be plugging them into my pc or ipod when chilling out, i wouldnt wear them on the street, i understand an amp would come in handy as well, any recommendations on an amp, heard the fiio e6 is good, judging by amazon reviews
and lastly, do i buy RED or BLACK!!!!!!, red looks pretty cool and the fact its limited edition
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Mar 22, 2012
I have brand new M50's for sale if you want them, not a scratch on them, only bought them two weeks ago and never taken them anywhere. They are in perfect condition; if you want you can have them for 80 pound and ill pay the shipping cost. I've got other headphones and i always buy new ones so there's nothing suspect going on here; and yes they are a good headphone, clear sounding with nice weight in the bass, all over nice and balanced audio spectrum, but of course there are hundreds of headphones out there and none are perfect, but you can't go too far wrong with the M50's.

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