Newbie knows nothing help please!!!
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Nov 24, 2003
Hi all,

I have for the last few years been using a Sony Datman or D-303 into a headsave amp and HD580's for transportable music when I travel on hols etc. I commute by car and have not needed music on the move but now I have to join the salmon on a train ride each day. I need enough music for about 1.5 hours travel per day.

I have amassed quite a few MP3 files on my laptop over the last few weeks and I think that's going to be my preferred format, I'm not doing apple itunes just to be obstinate. I have a headsave amp and a pair of virtually unused Audio Technica ATH EM7's (yes, yes but they LOOKED good LOL!!!).

I'm looking for an ultra simple to use, very light and decent sounding MP3 player and possibly some replacement phones (not canal types, I don't get on with them unless there are some for my weird ears). There's too much choice and I'm even more baffled than when I started looking. I have a Motorola L7 SLVR phone with an MP3 player but by the time I've paid for all the accessories I need for it to work as an audio player I'm a long way to the cost of a standalone player which I'm sure will sound better.

Budget is not too much of a problem but I'm really not going to need much more than 1 gig of memory.

So for a newbie like me who has some requirement for decent sound can you guys/gals help me build a shortlist...Please???
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Mar 6, 2006
I have the AKG k26p and enjoy them. You might think about the Creative ep-630 for canal fones. The PX-100 or the SR-60, would be a good fit if open fones wold work. If price is no object go for the E500s or Et-10s.
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Dec 18, 2005
The PX100 are extremely nice portable 'phones, as long as you don't mind them being open. As far as DAPs go... well there are the obvious iPod offerings; iAudio U3 (2G), X5, and i5, iRiver H series, etc.... When it comes to DAPs these days, there are tons of good options.

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Jul 27, 2005
I understand you issue with IEM's but in a way they are the best alternative. The reason is that when you are in a noisy environment you need to play the music to "block" the background. That means you need to be 20/30 dB above and that could mean disaster for your ears.

Acording to a rail car traveling at 50 mph has a noise level of 75-85 dB. So if you try to hear the music you need to be 20-30 dB above. Even if we use the lowest number that means a 95 dB sound pressure level with the highest it becomes 115 dB. Totally unaceptable.

With an IEM you can lower the outside background by as much as 33 dB (foamies) which would allow you to listen to music at a much more reasonabel level. Usign the above values the numbers would then become 62 dB to 82 dB. Much better, good luck.

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