Newbie and looking for nice budget bass headphones
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New Head-Fier
Nov 1, 2019
Costa Rica
Hi guys! Happy to be here. Not and audiophile per se but im looking for it.
Also, im looking a nice set of open or closed headphones with nice bass, just for my Fiio M3k.

I saw the Phillips HTF 600-s (kinda old), the famous Cowin E7 or some cheaper like SuperLux 681. I like the Cowin but i never heard about the brand and don't know if is trustly. What do you think?
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What is the budget? There are two Superlux "681" headphones, the HD681 and the HD681 Evo. The Evo version is the one with the more prominent bass. I have a pair and I like them. They're fun and have lasted, oh, almost eight years now, no problem.
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Thank you Serman005. My budget is less than $100. i know is low but i want to move from bottom.
So Superlux are good...i read some reviews but don't trust them because you know, Amazon reviews.
Yeah, you know, I still use them all these years later even though I have much more expensive gear. I enjoy them and think they are a good value for the money.
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I can vouch for Superlux quality, they are cheaply made, but for the price they are pretty good. Another budget option that has very good bass is the Monoprice Modern Retro.

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