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newbi help - Close Back Recommendation

  1. nlowran
    Hey Guys,

    New to the forum and have got a lot of good info on different products and recently invested in a Fiio Q5 and a pair of 58x's off recommendations in here and it has been a game changer in sound quality for me. With that, I started thinking about a pair of closed backed (for day to day stuff when I don't want to have to listen to ppl) and I have a pair of v-moda cf2's and was wondering if there were any cans that would give a noticeable sound upgrade without breaking into my 401k. I've heard a lot of great things about the Argon's but without having access to a pair to compare don't know if its I'd tell the diff between them. Love the base and the bluetooth feat is sweet for the v-moda's but I'm not opposed to a wired set if it a game changer. If you have had the opportunity to listen to both I'd love to hear your thoughts!!

    -Nate Dogg

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