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newb here. amplifier for stax srm-001?

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by kertong, Sep 11, 2008.
  1. kertong
    Hey folks,

    I currently own a set of stax srm-001 mk2 headphones (er.. "earspeakers"), and I've got them running off a wall AC adapter. I use these primarily at work.

    I also have an arcam delta 290 integrated amplifier, which I'm thinking of using at work to improve the sound of the stax. I didn't have much time to do a/b testing, but I have a question. Knowing that the stax is already amplified by its driver unit, would I see any benefit to plugging it into the arcam?

    A quick a/b testing didn't really prove to be conclusive, as the slight differences I noticed, could have been placebo, or not. I thought about purchasing a total bithead headphone amplifier, but if I can't notice much of a difference in the stax, amped or not, is it worth it at all?

    My source is high bitrate mp3s, btw. Any discussion / tips / explanations would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you [​IMG]
  2. MaloS
    No, there is no benefit to adding more amplification with this setup, as you noted yourself, there is already an amp in play (the driver unit). If you want to use those stationary and hear some benefits of better amplification, get yourself a 323 and buy SR-003 (same headphone, just different termination) instead or get the SRM-005a system.

    BTW, congrats on grabbing some Stax, enjoy the great sound.
  3. krmathis Contributor
    Don't go there.
    Double-amplifying usually just degrade instead up upgrade the sound quality.

    Just as much better off improving the source (ex. use lossless instead of MP3), or getting a new system.
  4. kertong
    Thanks for the advice everyone - makes sense. I didn't notice any degradation in sound quality, but I didn't notice any improvement, either. [​IMG]

    Thanks again!

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