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New- Zishan Z1 DSD player thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by musicday, Apr 15, 2017.
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  1. LaughMoreDaily
    Let us know how that goes... Is Burson the TOTL opamp to go for? (Question)
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  2. KimChee
    That or the Muses01 from what I’ve read. Seems like the Burson V5i has gotten stellar reviews and I hope it improves the areas I don’t like about the Zishan Z1

    Yeah, I played with all the functions from day 1 (when I got it).
    Have you guys seen this video, I just stumbled on it, looks like someone's had a lot of fun.

    Is there an up to date, comprehensive list of opamps, how they change sound quality and signature? Such as this https://audioreviews.blogspot.com/2005/10/flavors-of-audio-op-amps.html
    Any recommendations on legit sellers of OEM opamps? Are there any on eB?

    opa627 listings.gif opa627.gif

    In the Jade Audio listing, how do I know which model is the correct one for the z1? You can see there are many options in the gif/listing, how do I know which ones are compatible and best, there's many endings such as AU, AP, BP, AM, BM, and something called dual to mono, soic to dip*2, to99 to dip*2. I also wonder about caps, what does it do if you change them: SQ, SSIG, power +efficiency?, there's a total of 4 from what I understand, which are the best ones or worthwhile for the z1?

    What does it do when you have dual op-amps installed? How strong are the diminishing returns on whatever the effect is vs 1 op-amp?
  4. KimChee
    I have a couple other pages bookmarked that have the sound characteristics of other op amps. I used to switch them in the Matrix M Stage, Objective 2, Little Dot 1+ -IV, Lehman Black Cube, etc and it was pretty fun...

    Lot of fakes on Ebay, especially the higher end Muses stuff...so roll of the dice imo..

    There is a Russian forum where they do some pretty serious mods to various daps, and I admire anyone that has the knowledge and bravery all in the name of better sound. There were a couple guys that replaced the caps in their AK240 and 380, I would never open it up myself.

  5. D0rk!n
    NEC Japan C4556C

    I loaned this opamp from my friend. He said that he got it from an old audio equipment (Sony Amplifier). I have the same part no. 4556 opamp which is the JRC4556ADD.

    IMPRESSION (Subjective):
    NEC Japan C4556C –
    is a natural analogue sounding opamp that has a good balance tonality, good dynamic response and it adds a colouration to the sound in a good way. Sub-bass is extended. Mid-bass is thick and tight but in some songs that is too bassy it bleeds to the mids. Mid is warm and textured but without harshness. Treble has improved clarity and smooth with sufficient enough details. Soundstage is above average though not as wide as AD8066/Burson V5i-d opamp but depth is great (this is what I like in this opamp). Imaging is holographic and live-feel vibe. Layering and instrument separation is superb, no overlapping/masking of each instrument and vocals (everything cuts through the mixed). Stereo panning is accurately presented. Though this opamp is not for everyone especially those who like transparency and neutrality to the sound. This opamp is for those who like musicality and fun to the sound. Best paired with earbuds and open-back/semi-open back headphones (especially with bright tonality). I tried it on my Sony MH755 IEM I don’t like it much as it became too bassy and muddy for my hearing. I like it the best with this combo Zishan Z1 and Toneking TP16 with full foams and songs from technical death metal band (Suffocation, Necrophagist, Blotted Science..) as I can listen to it without ear-fatigue. Other genre is good too (Trad-Ska/Punk-Ska, Reggae/Dub-Reggae/Rock-Reggae, Hip-Hop, Live Recordings, Acoustic).

    To me NEC Japan C4556C is an upgrade to the stock opamp (TI NE5532P) of Zishan Z1 as it does better in every aspect of the sound. Stock opamp sounds narrow, congested and grainy. While compared to JRC4556ADD is a side-grade though with different tonality as the JRC4556ADD sounded brighter compared to NEC C4556C.

    Audio Player:

    Zishan Z1 (in DAP mode) – Stock capacitors, No EQ (EQ Turned Off), Volume knob position at 9:30 (in between 9 o’clock and 10 o’clock).

    Earphones (all in stock cables and using full foams):
    K’s64 (64ohms) – Neutral sounding and above average soundstage, I used this for checking the tonality, imaging, layering and separation.

    Toneking TP16 (32ohms) – Balance sounding and wide soundstage, I used this for checking soundstage, imaging, layering and separation.

    Vido blue new version (32ohms) – Neutral-warm sounding and above average soundstage. This is my daily driver earbuds.

    UDD – Turn It Well/Kulang (Mp3 16bits 48kHz 360kbps CBR)
    - This is my “go to song” for auditioning because it has full range frequency spectrum (from sub bass to upper treble), very dynamic, lots of instrument layering (guitars, synths, keys, bass, samplers, drums) and good female vocals. Mixed and mastering is superb, nicely done stereo panning and good depth.

    Dream Theater – Pull Me Under (M4a AAC-LC 16bits 44.1kHz 256kbs VBR)
    - Song that I listen to since I was 11 years old. My brother used to play this on his guitar and he introduced me to listen to this progressive metal band Dream Theater. Guitar, Bass, Drums (except snare which is triggered) sounded natural. James LaBrie’s vocals are great during this era. Kevin Moore’s Keyboard gives an ambient and added texture to the song. Mixed and mastering is clean and with great fidelity.

    Suffocation – Caught Between Two Worlds (Mp3 16bits 44.1kHz 320kbps CBR)
    - A mid-fast pace technical death metal song. Lots of guitar riffs that is tight, fast and heavy. Bass guitar that is thick and growly. Vocals are pure angst and grunt. Drums lots of double kick drum action, blast beat and some down-tempo drum playing. Recording productions is in between raw and polish sound.

    Alice in Chains – Would? [MTV Unplugged 1996](Mp3 16bits 44.1kHz 320kbps CBR)

    - An acoustic live recording.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2019
  6. LaughMoreDaily
    I can't say I trust your opinion D0rk!n, sorry. Your MP3 music files are from 15 years ago. Most people today listen to CD quality WAV files (1411kbps) or higher.
  7. D0rk!n
    Sometimes FLAC or WAV is not needed when the audio set-up is for portability and to maximize a limited storage of audio files. So I converted some of my CD rip FLAC files to Apple M4a AAC-LC or LAME codec Mp3.
    Here is my foobar playing Dream Theater - Images and Words album. Because I listen to it always since I was 11 years old (1995). So I'm familiar with the sound of it.

    Here is my setting for Apple M4a AAC-LC conversion.

    Here is the FLAC spectral graph of Dream Theater - Pull Me Under.FLAC
    Dream Theater - 01 - Pull Me Under.flac.png

    There here is the M4a spectral graph of Dream Theater - Pull Me Under.M4a which I converted from FLAC.
    Dream Theater - 01 - Pull Me Under.m4a.png

    They are almost identical so why should I bother for FLAC file, I'm just using earbuds. My impression is more of a real-life daily use of my portable audio set-up. That's why I said SUBJECTIVE.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2019
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  8. LaughMoreDaily
    I'd say wav files are best as I just need to RIP the CD and listen. I don't need to reconfigure the file to some other format. It's easy peasy.

    Too each their own, I guess. I prefer ease of use, some prefer complexity and maybe not better sound quality in return.
  9. oneula
    Russell Honra on the WaZe user group seems to have the most experience playing with opamps
    On YouTube for people doing the most mods to these devices, there's SyncerTech(russian lang) and Mark Ernan(filopino lang)

    this is from the WaZe Facebook Group site:

    LIST OF OP-AMPS YOU CAN HUNT AND BUY (to be updated)

    •Fairchild NE5532N

    •Audio Jade AD825








    •LME49720HA (#pugita)

    •AD8066ARZ (#dibil)

    •Muses01 (flagship)

    •Muses02 (flagship)

    •Burson V5i (flagship)

    •Burson V6 Classic/Vivid (flagship)

    •Sparkos SS3602 (flagship)

    •OPA2111KP, LT1358CN8, AD827JNZ (Gigabyte GA-OPAMP Premium Upgrade Kit) https://web.facebook.com/groups/WalnutandZishanEnthusiasts/permalink/1647953901937729/

    https://web.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1958580597488621&set=gm.1661259353940517&type=3&theater&ifg=1 By: Russel Honra



    •Blind Audition Meet Final Results - https://web.facebook.com/groups/WalnutandZishanEnthusiasts/permalink/1741766385889813/


    By: Russel Honra

    https://web.facebook.com/groups/WalnutandZishanEnthusiasts/permalink/1647006542032465/ By: Russel Honra

    •JRC4558D -https://web.facebook.com/groups/WalnutandZishanEnthusiasts/permalink/1647962008603585/ By: Russel Honra

    •AD825 - https://web.facebook.com/groups/WalnutandZishanEnthusiasts/permalink/1607714502628336/ By: Russel Honra


    By: Russel Honra


    By: Joe Arranchado

    •Muses01 vs Muses02 -

    https://web.facebook.com/…/Waln…/permalink/1700479153351870/ By: Marielle Aglipay

    •Muses01, Muses02, Burson V5i-D, Burson V6 Vivid and Sparkos SS3602 - https://web.facebook.com/…/Waln…/permalink/1718476228218829/ By: Marielle Aglipay

    https://web.facebook.com/groups/WalnutandZishanEnthusiasts/permalink/1704615942938191/ By: Russel Honra

    •LME49720HA and Burson V5i-D - https://web.facebook.com/groups/WalnutandZishanEnthusiasts/permalink/1761045100628608/ By: Russel Honra

    OPA627AU - •https://web.facebook.com/groups/WalnutandZishanEnthusiasts/permalink/1840787069321077/ By: CheChock Adriano

    OPA1622, OPA2604AP, OPA2107AP, OPA627AU - •https://web.facebook.com/groups/WalnutandZishanEnthusiasts/permalink/2168970166502764/ By: CheChock Adriano

    •Muses02 -https://web.facebook.com/groups/WalnutandZishanEnthusiasts/permalink/1661180650615054/

    •OPA2111KP, LT1358CN8, AD827JNZ -https://web.facebook.com/groups/WalnutandZishanEnthusiasts/permalink/1647953901937729/

    •OP297FP - https://web.facebook.com/groups/WalnutandZishanEnthusiasts/permalink/1900412643358519

  10. endia
    lol, it was one of my precious at a time..
    i had bought last three from a local store around 15 years ago..
    and then followed newer OPAs and ADs in years and they were collecting dust..

    found one in my parts bin and immediately put on the Z1.
    listened to some steely dan, jan garbarek, chet baker (all of them are flac :)
    quiet surprised how it has so natural and effortless, tube-like sound..
    modern opamps may have better technicalities but this one not behind them,
    also I much prefer this one over, say boring opa1612..

    Last edited: Nov 27, 2019
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