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New- Zishan Z1 DSD player thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by musicday, Apr 15, 2017.
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  1. Dark Helmet
    The AD825 is a cool opamp too but it's just more of the same of what the Z1 already is warm and fat. Out of all of the opamps you listed there I think the 2134 is the best with exception to the 4627 which I have not tried.
    Last edited: May 21, 2017
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  2. nesty
    Thanks, I got my z1 and compared it side by side with walnut v2s and my ears tells me z1 is a notch higher even with default op amp. Hard to find opa2604 and the only available part is opa2134 from my place.
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  3. DBaldock9
    Google can be your friend. :wink:

    Just did Google Searches for "NE5532 pinout", "OPA2134 pinout", and "OPA2604 pinout" - and they're all the same.
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  4. dkfuel
    Tramp stamp! That had me howling!! :)
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  5. DBaldock9
    Went ahead and ordered that 2-pack of OPA2604AP opamps to try.
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  6. JesvsR
    Just ordered mine right now¡ I've looking for a budget DAP+USB DAC and I think I've found it. Just 26€ on CKLewis. My VE Monk+ and my Takstar HI2050 are waiting hehehe
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  7. DBaldock9
    When I first received my Z1, I connected my VE Asura 2.0 (2.5TRRS - with a 3.5mm TRS Plug -to- 2.5mm TRRS Jack Adapter), and started playing my "Iona" (UK Celtic Progressive Rock band) CDs (whole albums converted to single 320KB MP3 files, originally for my Walnut v2) - the presentation of a wide & open sound stage, and the clarity of vocals, was amazing (especially considering the price of the Z1).

    The Monk+ also sounds great with the Z1.
  8. james-O-hifi
    Yeah, I gotta dive into that OPAMP game. On my shopping list:

    OPA 627 AP
    OPA 2604 AP
    OPA 2134 PA
    ADA4627-1BRZ (which is the only one that seems to have surface mount pins, can you confirm that?)

    Anything else I should get?
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  9. knudsen
    The Walnut v2s appears to be using OPA2604 - would it be certain that this is the OPA2604AP mentioned, or are there several variants?
  10. makima
    is someone using their Zishan as USB DAC?
    please share your findings, thanks!
  11. james-O-hifi
    Oh and btw, do I need one of these Opamps or always two?
  12. Dark Helmet
    As far as I know it should be the same.
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  13. Holypal
    I tried. Turn the DAP off, hook it to the USB port, and turn it on. It doesn't need extra driver installation.

    In foobar2000, it shows as 'ZiShan Z1 HIFI Player'. It supports up to 24bit/352.8KHz PCM, but not capable of handling DSD64.

    In my case, it doesn't support WASAPI. I have to use the normal data stream.

    It plays while charging.
  14. Dark Helmet
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  15. Dark Helmet
    Have you done the firmware update?
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