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New- Zishan Z1 DSD player thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by musicday, Apr 15, 2017.
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  1. groucho69
    Last edited: May 17, 2017
  2. alex5908
    Too much time to wait until it's delivered from aliexpress. Sometime it's 3 months for the delivery to Canada.
    I found one for 80 CNY. How much will it be to buy TaoBao agent including the delivery to Canada?
  3. alex5908
  4. DBaldock9
    Trying one of the opamps I ordered recently, in the Z1. (no other mods - but I am planning to re-wire the Volume Pot, so that Clockwise = Volume UP...)
    It's the DIP-8 dual opamp, made from 2x ADA4627-1BRZ mono opamps - which happens to be the most expensive of the 5 different models I bought.

    Source is my PC, playing FLAC files (rips of my CDs) with VLC, output via USB to the Z1 (no driver installation necessary).
    Earbuds are my K's 500 (2.5mm TRRS), using a 3.5mm TRS to 2.5mm TRRS adapter.

    Swapping opamps isn't a very quick process, so - going from memory - it seems like the ADA4627-1BRZ may have more detail & clarity in the Bass, but not quite as much Bass extension as the stock NE5532. I'm also impressed with the presentation of the Sound Stage and Environment in the Midrange & Treble, on some simply recorded acoustic albums - such as Amber Rubarth's "Sessions from the 17th Ward".

    NOTE: I've also ordered some vintage Philips NE5532 opamps, manufactured in Thailand in the mid-90s.
  5. weedophile
    There u go
    alex5908 likes this.
  6. alex5908
    At the TaoBaoage.com agent they are asking if it has a battery inside. Does Z1 have a battery inside? What are other agents for TaoBao?
  7. Holypal
    Yes, it does. Why not buy from Aliexpress? If you can't wait for ordinary post delivery, you can choose DHL. The total amount of money would be the same as through taobao agent. And it's probably faster.
  8. weedophile
    Sry mate i dont use the taobaoage. The Z1 has a battery inside hence i guess the shipping would be much more expensive.
  9. chasolla
    Well, mine arrived last week and it sounds great through my RHA MA750's.

    Much warmer, like old British hifi.

    Certainly an improvement over my Fiio X1

    I do like the way that it resumes, even after you have had the tf card out for a while.

    I must say that not knowing what is playing, not understanding the order it plays folders in and not having access to the files through USB is driving me mad.

    I don't know how anybody keeps track of a large memory card.

    I think I'm going to get a smaller (16gb?) card that will let me have a better chance of remembering what I have listened to and can swap for something else from my huge music collection.

    Anyway I consider it a huge success and, for music, is now my DAP of choice for all genres of music.

    Although in terms of functionality and for lots of other reasons I would love to refurbish my Cowon D2. I used it until it almost fell apart and it is pretty much unusable since the touchscreen stopped working. I have an idle fantasy of removing the top bezel so that the touchscreen works, replacing the battery and housing it in an Altoids tin. That seems like a good way of wasting a lot of time for no results.
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  10. Holypal
    I'm OK with it. Now Z1 is my DAP on the road. I have a selection of favorite tracks in one folder in the TF card. And just play it in shuffle mode.

    I also removed all the tags and pictures.
  11. peter123
    I've had mine for a few days now but unfortunately it seems to be something wrong with it. It distort like crazy with the stock, and several other, op amps. So far I've only found two op amps that seems to work properly wit it.....
  12. groucho69
    In my experience they are both about the same amount of time. The real bottle neck is not in China but at Canada Customs. Your package can be there for eternity.
  13. Holypal
    Maybe you should ask the seller to ship you another one?
  14. peter123
    Yes I will :wink:
  15. knudsen
    V5i? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts
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