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New- Zishan Z1 DSD player thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by musicday, Apr 15, 2017.
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  1. SaltyGrub
    It's 30 bucks dude, get one.
  2. SaltyGrub
    Would you mind testing the Zishan Z1's with an Android Phone as a portable DAC
    and see if it works? Mine is on its way (1 to 2 weeks from now) and the wait is killing me.
  3. wskl
    @Frederick Wang has confirmed in a previous post that it works on his Android device.

    I think you will find that Android USB Audio is not always guaranteed, in my case, sadly the Z1 is not working, UAPP can detect the Z1 but when I start playback, there is no music coming out from the headphone jack.
  4. DBaldock9
    So, I connected it to the locked-down Win10 PC at work (which I cannot install SW or Drivers on), and it immediately showed up in the "Playback Devices" (as Default). Just listened to some YouTube videos.

    I'm impressed that this $32 Player works on my work PC, when the $150 - $200 Players (Cayin N3 & Shanling M2s) won't, because they require drivers to be installed.
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  5. bzfrank
    Yep! It connects using the std. Microsoft drivers. No need for driver install. BTW I noticed it does not work on XP, but given the age of that OS that's mostly academic.
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  6. bzfrank
    My Shockwave III IEMs sounds very nice connected to the Z1. They are rated at an input impedance of 20Ω.
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  7. DBaldock9
    Listening to a Lindsey Stirling concert on YouTube, with the Z1 connected to my K's 500, and the Bass impact is really impressive.

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  8. SaltyGrub
    OUCH, well, at least I can still use it on my PC
  9. Karl2009
    Thanks for the check. I've already ordered it, I've got an offer in Ali for less than 26€.
  10. bzfrank
    In fact both are absolutely identical in size, only the knobs make for a difference in total length. The Walnut v2 has a weight of 98g, while the Zishan Z1 86g. Soundwise its no competition, the Zishan is better, both OOB and amp-rolled optimized.
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  11. LaughMoreDaily
    You're saying the opamp rolling on Zishan sounds better? With the same amps?
  12. dkfuel
    I received my Zishan today! Unfortunately it arrived with the power switch set to "on" so I need to fully charge it before I can use it. It'd still need to charge it anyway of course so a minor annoyance at worst but still -- turn it off before you ship it guys! :wink:

    (And no it had never been opened so I can't blame US Customs.)
  13. bzfrank
    Yes - it sounds better.

    No - not the same op amps, e.g. the LME49720NA does not work in the Walnut too well (needs decoupling capacitors most likely), it shines in the Zishan... YMMD

    IMHO there is currently no reason to get a Walnut v2, given the sound quality of the Zishan Z1 and its USB DAC mode it is simply in another league. Even OOB with the lowly NE5532.
  14. noknok23
    but hold on, you haven't heard the Walnut V2S.... yet (no one did :jecklinsmile:)
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  15. flamesofarctica
    Hopefully the competition between the Walnut and the Zishan means we'll get ongoing improvements to both as they continue to outdo one another :-D

    Really like both, so it's win win, although my 'heart' is with the Walnut as it came first.
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